Next Level Globalization Joins the Welocalize Family

welocalize July 22, 2021

These past six weeks have been a particularly exciting time for us, and today we are proud to announce we have a new team joining Welocalize…

We have officially expanded our global team of experts specializing in language services for medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies by welcoming Next Level Globalization (NLG) – a provider of expert language services for global life sciences companies – into the Welocalize family.

This means that we have now extended our European footprint even further by combining NLG’s teams in Germany and Greece, with our existing life sciences team.

Take a look at our short video with Michael Oettli, Smith Yewell, and Erin Wynn, to hear more about Welocalize and NLG joining together and what the future holds.

Tell Me More About NLG

Founded in 2000, NLG is supported by a network of translation, localization, and globalization experts, which beautifully complements our existing network of 77,000 linguists. With their global network, NLG delivers quality-centric solutions to global brand leaders in the life sciences sector.

Their client base is made up of companies specialized in medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. NLG has extensive expertise supporting highly regulated companies with language services ranging from medical translation and in-country review to regulatory consulting to software localization.

And it’s these attributes, along with their company culture, that makes NLG a perfect fit for the Welocalize family.

What’s so special about this acquisition is that the whole process all took place virtually. Yet, despite having never met face to face, through the many video calls we had with Michael Oettli – Co-Founder and Managing Director at NLG – and the wider NLG team, we could tell they shared our vision for the future.

NLG’s culture perfectly aligns with Welocalize’s Four Pillars of customer service, quality, innovation, and global teamwork, and it’s these foundations that are the driving forces behind everything we and NLG build now, and in the future.

Like Welocalize, NLG is certified in five ISO standards—ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management Systems), ISO 17100 (Translation Services), ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), and ISO 18587 (Human Post-Edited Machine Translation Services). A quality portfolio found at only 2.14% of language services providers, according to Slator.

Michael and his team are incredibly strong subject matter experts in the medical device domain, and this passion, knowledge, and years of experience will allow us to learn and develop our services even further.

What Does This Mean For Me? 

We’ve seen our life sciences practice organically grow over the past few years, and we are constantly striving to better our offerings for our pharmaceutical, CROs, and medical device clients. The addition of NLG now doubles the size of Welocalize’s life science practices and adds tremendous capabilities worldwide specifically for the medical device space. We’re coming together because of the benefits of our combined talents, technologies, and cultures, and with this partnership, we will be able to offer our customers even more.

Welocalize’s customers will benefit from NLG’s proprietary Hazard QA tech and in-country review system, which we are looking to bring into our client portal. NLG’s Hazard QA system has been designed to prevent the occurrence of critical errors content during the localization process.

Together we will join up our strengths and go beyond where either one of us could have alone. This increases the opportunity to add enhancements through services including transcreation, interpreting, and patent translation and continue to use AI to innovate language services for the life sciences industry.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits we can now offer our customers.

For Michael, joining Welocalize offers some exciting new prospects.

“For so many years with NLG, I was working with a small key team of 4-5 people, who were all incredibly smart, and we would sit together and work on defining strategies. 

“Now we have Smith, Erin, Devin, and the whole management team at Welocalize to work with, we will have more resources and people to help us expand our vision and define strategies to make us even more successful. 

“We can really move into the future together with a mutual respect for each other and we expect a lot out of these new relationships, new partners, and friends we have already gained.

This marriage between NLG and Welocalize just showcases how much we have grown as a company. Finalizing this union during the COVID-19 pandemic, required a completely new way of developing plans and building trust in ways we have never explored before.

To build trust virtually is a challenge the whole world faces right now, and we’ve become much stronger as a result of those learnings. Now, the focus is on building a successful future together, and we are excited about what’s in store for the both of us.

Access the Welocalize 19th Acquisition Press Release here.

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