CASE STUDY: Revolutionizing Marketing Localization for Global Tech Giant

This case study explores how a leading global technology company partnered with Welocalize to revolutionize its marketing localization process using OPAL-Marketing to enhance global audience engagement and operational efficiency. 


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Together, we achieved: 

“The field wants one place to go to localize marketing content. They want one experience, one review process, one tool… and so the center of gravity for us is OPALMarketing.”

Director of Marketing Technology

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The Challenge 

In the swiftly evolving landscape of global commerce, a prominent technology company faced a significant challenge. Their objective was to tailor their marketing efforts to cater to the diverse needs of their international audience. The strategy involved the adoption of a unified marketing model. However, this required meticulous localization across 86 nations and 22 languages.

To streamline their localization process and deliver personalized and relevant content to their global audience, the company had to overcome significant obstacles. They had to navigate through complexities to ensure that their marketing initiatives were both localized and impactful, catering specifically to the unique cultural and linguistic nuances of each market. 

Previously, our technology client encountered significant inefficiencies in their localization processes. Scaling was a daunting task, as the system involved more than 200 reviewers and numerous authors, all of whom found it difficult to consistently monitor and manage projects. The manual handling of content—moving it for localization and then reintegrating it into Marketo—proved to be a cumbersome and error-prone process.

This was further exacerbated by widespread issues with version control, leading to a slow and expensive operation. Consequently, these inefficiencies hindered the pace at which marketing campaigns could be deployed and significantly limited the potential for genuine global engagement. 

The Solution 

A partnership was forged with Welocalize to reimagine the localization strategy by using OPAL-Marketing, our AI-enabled solution. This initiative was aimed at eliminating manual inefficiencies, paving the way for a smooth, automated stream of localized content.

Using cutting-edge AI, including machine translation (MT) and large language models (LLMs), OPAL-Marketing facilitated a paradigm shift where localized content could be dynamically updated and distributed, ensuring the messaging was relevant and resonated with diverse global audiences.  

The Results 

The implementation of OPAL-Marketing within our client’s operations has revolutionized their approach to content localization. By eliminating outdated manual processes, such as the cumbersome task of cutting and pasting strings into marketing software, OPAL-Marketing has significantly increased automation levels, enabling the client to focus on creating more personalized and impactful content.

With this strategic improvement, our client can deliver fresh, localized content to a global audience every four weeks, ensuring that marketing messages are timely and relevant. Most notably, these advancements have had a profound effect on the company’s bottom line, achieving…

The success story of OPAL-Marketing’s integration highlights the transformative potential of AI-enabled service delivery technologies in the realm of content localization, setting a new standard for efficiency, personalization, and business growth.