Introducing OPAL-Marketing: Welocalize’s AI-Driven Revolution in Global Marketing

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Welocalize is thrilled to unveil OPAL-Marketing, a cutting-edge, AI-enabled solution that transforms the way marketing professionals around the world create, manage, translate, and amplify their content across multiple languages and markets.

Streamlining Global Marketing With AI

At the core of OPAL-Marketing are machine translation (MT) engines, large language models (LLMs), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. These tools allow Welocalize to automate translations at scale, streamline workflows for specific marketing needs, and involve expert oversight to ensure the highest quality.

“By enabling marketers to get content translated quickly from within the native work surfaces they use every day, OPAL-Marketing accelerates time to market, increases marketing conversion rates, and grows revenue,” says Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer at Welocalize. “Our customers want tangible business outcomes from AI-enabled solutions, and we’re delivering on that promise with OPAL-Marketing.”

The Powerful Features of OPAL-Marketing

Welocalize designed OPAL-Marketing to simplify the complexities of managing multilingual content. The solution includes several key features to empower marketers:

  • Experience Apps: Quickly translate content within familiar work environments.
  • Workflow Apps: Manage the translation, review, and approval processes tailored to specific content types and industries.
  • Connectors: Seamlessly integrate with existing marketing content systems to accelerate project deployment and value realization.
  • AI Building Blocks: Equip your business with the latest AI technologies for accurate translations and robust global content strategies.
  • Digital Foundation: Facilitate data integration and automation through intelligent rule engines and AI-driven agents.
  • Global Expert Community: Access a global network of experts for specialized content needs.

Real-World Success Demonstrating Our Impact

The power of OPAL-Marketing is showcased by a recent case study with a major tech giant. By automating its content localization processes, the company eliminated outdated manual tasks, resulting in a 433% increase in leads and a 42% increase in its qualified sales pipeline.

OPAL-Marketing is not just a solution but a transformative force in global marketing. By harnessing advanced AI technologies like MT, LLMs, and NLP, OPAL-Marketing redefines the traditional boundaries of marketing content creation and distribution. Its comprehensive features, from Experience Apps to Global Expert Communities, enable businesses to manage multilingual content efficiently and integrate seamlessly across various platforms.

The substantial improvements in marketing metrics and business growth observed in key industry players demonstrate OPAL-Marketing’s effectiveness. As the landscape of global markets continues to shift, OPAL-Marketing serves as an essential tool for businesses seeking to leverage these dynamics for a competitive edge and substantial growth.