Measurement and KPIs Loc Guide

In this guide, you will discover valuable insights into how to use data and KPIs for multiple stakeholders to achieve a shared goal

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Loc Manager's Playbook

Localization service buyers and decision-makers can use this playbook as an actionable guide

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How to Build a Loc Program

In this guide, you will learn how to set and measure realistic goals in order to build a successful localization program

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Converging Localization + Marketing

Discover how global, multilingual campaigns and content are now impacted by the convergence of localization and marketing.

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E-Learning Localization

This guide discusses how localization can make training more accessible and keep employees and customers interested

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Software Localization

In this guide, we cover various topics related to software localization, including the benefits, the approaches, and the methods of determining ROI for localized software

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How to Write and Design for Loc

In this guide, you will learn how to write engaging content that can be localized easily and effectively for a wide range of different countries and languages

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Localization Guide to User Generated Content

This guide will teach you how to make UGC multilingual and the types, benefits, and motivations behind it

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AI Guides

Your Guide to Conversational AI

The benefits of leveraging Conversational AI systems that can understand text and speech in multiple languages to provide exceptional global customer service

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Localization and AI in Customer UX

Find out how AI is the key to the success of making the customer experience easy, enjoyable, and memorable

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Healthcare Guides

Future of Healthcare with Conversational AI

Learn how to build a chatbot and explore use cases of conversational AI in healthcare

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Best Practices for Localizing Medical Devices

The guide to all the information you need to localize multilingual medical device content ready to export to global markets

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Financial Guides

International Strategy Behind Financial Documents

Providing guidance on the processes and tools financial institutions can use to achieve accuracy, speed, and confidentiality

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Global IP Management, What is Missing?

How accurate translation of complex technical content is challenging and what you need to know

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