Website Localization

What does a global-first, multilingual website look like?

Two-thirds of internet users worldwide prefer to read content in their native language.

What does a global-first, multilingual website look like?

Website localization is a massive undertaking.

Localizing your website is essential to its international success

Website localization sets you up for success. But you still need to grab it.

Website localization is adapting a website to a foreign language market’s language, locale, and culture.

Localization is not just language translation. It considers linguistic, cultural, and technical differences but also retains the original intent of the source text so target readers will think the website was originally written in their preferred language.

Many different elements within a website need to be localized:

  • Website Copy
  • Invisible Elements
  • Forms & Pop-ups
  • Transactional Elements
  • Geographical References
  • Images & Colors
  • Links
  • Cultural References
  • Legal Text
  • Character Sets
  • Formats & Units of Measure
  • Layout