The Performance-Led Website Localization Guide

Your complete guide to website localization, creating a website capable of global success, driving customers to your website, and converting them once they’re there.

Two-thirds of internet users worldwide prefer to read content in their native language.

What does a global-first, multilingual website look like?

Website localization is a massive undertaking.

Localizing your website is essential to its international success

Website localization sets you up for success. But you still need to grab it.

Even in 2024, global brands often consider website localization and translation an afterthought. Yet, 40% of customers will not buy online if a website is not in their native tongue.

Companies are missing out on an enormous opportunity. While some 60% of the top 10 million websites are in English, only 16% of the global population speaks English as their native language.

In contrast, 14.3% speak Chinese; however, only 1.4% of websites are in that language. And 6.9% speak Spanish, yet only 4% of websites are in Spanish.

There are many business benefits to having a global-first, multilingual website:

Reach an International Audience

Almost three-quarters of the world’s internet users do not understand English at all without using a translation tool. Making your website available in multiple languages allows you to reach a massive audience.

Improve User Experience

While 67% of internet users tolerate mixed languages on websites, two-thirds use online machine translation, which is often inaccurate. A global-first website provides a much more positive user experience.

Reduce Reputational Risk

A website that isn’t translated correctly or that isn’t culturally adapted might have elements that could be misunderstood or deemed offensive. A localized website will prevent risks to your brand reputation.

Establish Credibility

If international audiences see your effort in adapting to local cultures, your brand will be more credible and respected. You will set the foundation for establishing brand loyalty.

Increase Global Sales

As you drive more international audiences to your website and offer them a positive user experience, you are more likely to turn visitors into customers.