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You can achieve your business goals by leveraging AI and localized AI training data, from more efficient customer support and enhanced UX through to increased sales or lower operating costs.
Blending machine automation, human intelligence, and an understanding of 250+ languages, Welocalize will help you unlock the value of multilingual training data to power chatbots, digital assistants, search engines, voice interfaces, and much more. Work with us in a way that fits your needs.

  • Managed Service

    High quality training data created and
    delivered to power your conversational AI initiatives
  • Workforce Solutions

    Label, annotate and validate your proprietary data
    to empower team members

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  • Conversational AI

    The future of customer engagement requires chatbots and digital voice assistants. Welocalize conversational AI data training services generate, collect, and annotate text and voice data to imitate human interaction. We combine natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning in a continuous improvement cycle to enhance your AI applications.

  • Multilingual Chatbots

    ‘Speak’ with customers all over the world, in their language, using conversational AI technology. Advanced techniques including NLP, utterance creation, labelling, tagging, and multilingual grammar creation will help build and train your chatbot.

  • Virtual Assistants

    Understand voice commands and carry out tasks in multiple languages. Speech-to-text transcription and development of dialect classification ensures any support tool has the knowledge to manage diverse, global customers.

  • Text Analysis

    Annotation and organizing of data creates high quality datasets in 250+ languages. We have developed solutions to address the problem of non-inclusive and sensitive terminology through data training, content moderation, and sentiment analysis.

  • NLP Consulting

    Our dedicated and experienced team enables you to structure your data and implement NLP processes to get the best business output.

  • Managed AI Workforce Solutions

    Deliver and manage fit-for-purpose talent at global scale – on-site or at a separate location. Whether you’re looking for raters, graders, analysts or annotators, our carefully curated and managed workforces develop high quality training datasets to power global AI projects.

  • Mapping Search Engine Queries + Content Relevance

    Through a managed workforce, enables better ranking of search queries and annotation of social media content, for an improved customer experience.

The Power of Localized AI Training Data

"We’re living in the golden age of #AI, and every day we wake up with the idea that, WOW, we can do more and more with AI. Machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks give us the ability for greater insights and predictability."

Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager for AI, MT, & NLP

“The reason we see conversational AI and chatbots emerging as the new future is that this offers just a more effective and efficient experience. Our goal is to predict what kind of things humans really say and develop intuitive AI applications.”

- Aaron Schliem, Director of AI Enablement

“We utilize different components of AI to detect non-inclusive language, hate speech and offensive terms. We detect those not only on individual keywords level but also synonyms because sometimes offensive speech, hate speech, and non-inclusive language can be disguised as something innocent.”

“We have 60+ pre-trained language models. We use a list of algorithms and utilize deep learning, neural networks and then several third-party, mostly academic or open-source applications for sentiment analysis.”

Olga Beregovaya, VP, AI Innovation

“Global businesses and brands can be reimagined and re-architected by AI. AI adoption can help boost profits, increase efficiency and deliver more business value.”

Tiarne Hawkins, Customer Success Director, AI Services

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