Welocalize specializes in collecting, annotating, and evaluating the unstructured information of big data to create accurate, high-quality training data sets for machine learning. We call this process data transformation. Welocalize services for data transformation blend machine automation, human intelligence, and language understanding of more than 525 language combinations.

Welocalize data transformation services deliver a global network of 77,000 language experts that can scale for any size project, at your site or our facilities. Whether you need to create a multilingual chatbot that can respond to customers worldwide or improve the content relevance of search queries based on text, voice, or images, Welocalize can help you unlock the potential of your big data.

Solutions for Big Data Challenges

Generate Training Data
  • Handwritten and Digital Text
  • Social Media and User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Audio, Speech, and Voice
  • Images, Photos, and Video
Label Training Data
  • Text Extraction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Image and Video Annotation
  • Categorization
  • Classification
Test and Evaluate Results
  • Content Moderation
  • Results Scoring
  • Relevance Rating
  • Linguistic QA


Welocalize can efficiently collect the large amounts of high-quality data you need to train algorithms and models in your target languages, improving the performance of your machine learning applications.

Our extensive multilingual experience means we can also build training data sets for less-common languages. Trying to train voice and speech recognition applications for a car navigation system destined for Eastern European markets? Welocalize can help.

Welocalize data collection services are flexible: we can work at your facilities or remotely at Welocalize secured labs on three continents. Scalable data acquisition techniques, developed by our computational linguists using automated natural language processing, allow us to create data sets quickly and cost effectively.


Effective machine and AI solutions require large amounts of training data as well as data that’s correctly annotated and categorized. Welocalize can enhance your data for engine training through a combination of human annotation and automated natural language processing for faster, more accurate results at global scale.

Welocalize data annotation services properly label, tag, categorize, classify, and analyze the unstructured multilingual data that trains machine learning applications, ensuring accurate results. Our services range from neural machine translation (NMT) to sentiment analysis of multilingual social media content, product categorization discovery, and document classification.

For example, clients often work with Welocalize to accelerate discovery during patent litigation. Our semantic search and data annotation techniques, which are based on natural language processing (NLP), enable automatic language detection and document summarization for massive volumes of digital data. More data can be reviewed faster, making the discovery phase more effective and efficient.


Make sure that when users find you online, they get the right story. Welocalize data evaluation services improve the quality and accuracy of online information for improved user discovery, local relevance, and higher organic search rankings, to name a few.

Welocalize can also use labeled and annotated data to evaluate the predictive quality of trained machine learning algorithms. We can help you improve content moderation, ensure search engine relevance, validate the accuracy of points-of-interests mapping and GPS navigation, and more.

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