WEBCAST: Accelerating E-Discovery – Machine Learning + Litigation

welocalize January 29, 2019

Legal, financial services, and life sciences sectors see unprecedented growth of global content volumes to discover, manage, and secure. That’s why artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning must be part a scalable solution. Welocalize’s experts at Park IP Translations provide a powerful AI-enabled global e-discovery solution that blends auto-language detection, text analytics, and neural machine translation.

Global e-discovery has unique challenges as volumes of digital content may be embedded with random snippets of foreign languages. Using manual review under time pressure can create errors that stymie a successful litigation case. Deploying bilingual legal practitioners for document review may reduce errors, but is an expensive approach. Instead, our solution applies AI principles to enhance text analysis, natural language processing, and automated translations combined with human translation to address these content challenges to drive optimal business outcomes. Legal teams are able to use the right human resources fit for purpose to leverage tight budgets, and to significantly speed up document review at trusted quality levels.

In this Park IP webcast, Alex Yanishevsky, Senior MT Manager and Louise Law, Global Communications Manager discuss managing high volumes of multilingual data within the global e-discovery process to accelerate document review and timely preparation for litigation.

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Key topics include:

  • Challenges of multilingual content in global litigation
  • Use of advances in AI and machine learning to speed up content management and document review

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