Understanding China: SEO Success in the World’s Largest Online Market

welocalize October 26, 2017

For many Western business across a multitude of industries, the sheer scale of digital opportunities presented in China are impossible to ignore. With well over 730 million internet users and an increasingly savvy digital populace, China offers an incomparable palette of online business potential.

Despite the vast opportunity, there are some stumbling blocks when looking to expand digital marketing activities into China. This Welocalize Guide to Baidu gives insight to the wide array of unique multi-functional digital platforms, algorithms, digital best practices and bureaucratic hurdles that can make it a difficult market to break into China without the right expertise.

There are other growing search engines to take into account but with almost 80% of China’s search engine market share, Baidu is the one to focus on.

There are some key considerations for the Chinese search space to ensure brands are set up correctly on Baidu and enjoy the visibility they deserve. Key topics that should be considered include:

ICP License + CDNs

Baidu Webmaster Tools

On-Site Optimization

Off-Site Optimization

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