Supporting Translators without Borders during COVID-19

welocalize April 16, 2020

The onset of COVID-19 across the globe has led to an unprecedented volume of urgent requests for translation of information around the current crisis, everything from handwashing to the finer details of social distancing. Translators without Borders works with organizations around the world to provide a translation platform and community of volunteers that make sure information reaches people who speak minority languages. 

Welocalize has been a partner to Translators without Borders since 2013 and has extended their support further for the recently launched COVID-19 Community Translation Program. The program aims to; translate COVID-19 information into more languages, combat misinformation with social media monitoring, expand their multilingual health glossary, and create a better understanding of languages and literacy in vulnerable regions.  

“We need a COVID-19 global response that is fluent in more than English. Disseminating reliable information, quickly dispelling myths, and properly communicating preventive measures saves lives,” said TWB’s Executive Director Aimee Ansari. “And to do it right, we have to communicate in the languages that people speak and understand.”

Alongside the Emergency Response Fund, Welocalize is highlighting the call for volunteers. Currently, TWB are seeking volunteers that have skills in: 

  • Translations into some smaller languages (fewer than 5 million speakers)
  • Revision and QA of all languages
  • Validation of terminology
  • Desktop publishing
  • Other, e.g, graphic design

If you’d like to get involved with TWB, or need more information about volunteering opportunities, further details are available here.