Time to See Language as an Investment (and Not a Cost)

What is the role and perception of language and localization at your organization? Is it a cost or an investment? Although localization drives global growth, opinions vary across teams even within the same company. In this webinar, experts from Atlassian, FedEx, and CSA Research will join Welocalize for an online, interactive program. They’ll discuss how to measure and monitor the ROI of language strategy and investment, consider the business case for outsourcing, and share real-life insights on how to influence and change the mindset of key stakeholders.

This webinar is approximately 45 minutes.

Webinar Host: Steve Maule, Global Customer Success, Welocalize

Guest Speakers: Nancy Ferreira da Rocha, Senior Localization Program Manager, FedEx, Cristina Triviño, Marketing Localization Team Manager, Atlassian, and Alison Toon, Senior Analyst at CSA Research.

What you can expect to learn…

What are the common challenges? Insights on the role and perception of language strategy and localization in global organizations.

How do you structure teams and key players? Do you outsource localization and language?

How do you measure ROI? What systems can be used to demonstrate content performance and localization ROI.

How do you influence key executives and stakeholders? Changing the mindset and way of thinking.

Meet the speakers

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha, Senior Localization Program Manager, FedEx

Since 2015, Nancy has led, created, and implemented the global digital localization strategy at FedEx. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Nancy has a degree in translation and is based in Amsterdam.

Cristina Triviño, Marketing Localization Team Manager, Atlassian

With over 15 years’ experience in localization and internationalization, Cristina has extensive insights on developing strategic solutions for brands going global. Based in Amsterdam, she heads up the marketing localization team at Atlassian.

Alison Toon, Senior Analyst, CSA Research

Alison has over 25 years’ experience in the translation and localization industry. Her extensive enterprise experience helps CSA Research client’s gain insight into technologies, pricing, and business processes key to executive buy-in.

Steve Maule, Global Customer Success, Welocalize

With over 10 years’ experience in the localization and language services industry, Steve has in-depth knowledge of how to achieve global success with content transformation solutions. He works with many leading brands to ensure their multilingual strategy creates maximum impact and return.

Attendee Feedback

‘Excellent event with inspiring and thought-provoking conversations!’

Gwen, Dell Technologies

Attendee Feedback

‘I learned a lot about performance analytics for multilingual digital content.’

Fabiënne, Awin

Attendee Feedback

‘Expert insights on AI, NLP, and automation in localization.’

Anna, IKEA