Keep Calm and Go to London

welocalize May 30, 2019

There was a lot going on in London in May. If you missed the back-to-back industry events SlatorCon and TAUS Global Content Summit, don’t sweat it.  Here are some highlights:

What’s on the minds of CEOs?

At TAUS, our CEO Smith Yewell noted that when he started Welocalize: “the business was all about language. Now language is just another dataset, moving through a digital ecosystem.” Our industry needs smarter ways to handle the “content shock” to help brands elevate their message above the noise and clutter of information overload.

How can machine learning help solve content problems?

Dr. Natasha Latysheva, a data scientist at Welocalize, showed examples of how natural language processing (NLP) for machine learning can be used to draw actionable insights. An essential step is annotating data across different languages to train the engines to get better results from applications like sentiment analysis and topic extraction. For example in global e-discovery, automated topic extraction is the only feasible way to rapidly review massive volumes of multilingual documents rapidly and cost-effectively.

Marry a Stranger?

Over at SlatorCon, our CEO Smith Yewell was a featured speaker, and shared important lessons that he’s learned across multiple acquisitions. When two companies come together in M&A, it can feel like marrying a stranger. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on shared values.

“Regardless of what culture you come from, we should agree on the basics: Doing the right thing; communicating when something goes wrong, not burying it; getting in front of a problem; and creating an environment where conflict can happen without destroying relationships,” said Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO.

Whether it’s an acquisition, a client-vendor partnership, a manager-employee structure, or a cross-functional team collaboration – this simple wisdom can be embraced across situations to create meaningful outcomes together.

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