Intern Power! Five Reasons Why Internships Can Help New Careers

welocalize October 3, 2019

Two interns give insights from two offices… 

Welocalize’s Global Internship Program brings over 50 interns per year from 17 universities in 7 offices and is constantly growing. Our interns work in a variety of roles, from sales and marketing support to engineering and operations. Internships have been an important part of identifying and nurturing new talent and opening new areas for partner collaboration.


This year, Welocalize had a unique opportunity to combine our longtime sponsorship with Translators without Borders (TWB) by hosting one of their interns, Claudia Mandalà at the Welocalize office in Dublin. 

Welocalize’s UK-based Global Marketing Intern, Niamh Sheehan, chatted with TWB intern Claudia to find out more about the importance of internships and translation in crises.

Claudia and Niamh’s share their five insights on why internships can help launch careers:

Internships provide a solid foundation 




Claudia studied  and Interpreting at the University of Trieste, Italy and after completing her degree and a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Cooperation, she came across the ERAMUS+ grant through which she discovered TWB and the internship. 





‘It can be tough when you’re starting out in your career, and you need vocational experience and expert guidance to help develop skills and give you professional confidence. Internships give you that foundation to build on.’ Click To Tweet


You gain invaluable hands on experience  

‘It was a privilege to how Translators without Borders the crisis and found volunteer translators to help the community understand vital information within days of Cyclone Idai hitting the area.’  

Increase your network and make new connections

Meeting new people and expanding networks has also been a large part of Claudia and Niamh’s internships, getting to work with a variety of people across the world. “The Welocalize Global Marketing Team are located all around the world and there is still a great team atmosphere, even though we don’t all work in the same place. It has been fantastic getting to know so many new people outside of University.’ 

‘An internship gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, which could open up future career opportunities. I met some dedicated people at the Welocalize office in Dublin and it was so inspiring and motivating to see how day-to-day life works in a dynamic and fast-paced office environment and share many cups of tea!’ 

Learn more about a new industry  

Niamh shared that, prior to her internship, the translation and localization industry was something she knew little about. However, through her internship she has been introduced to this fascinating industry and learnt how essential it is to enable global business and communication. 

“My internship has given me a greater understanding of the need to transform content into different languages and cultures so global brands can create an international footprint.”  

Claudia has learned more about the increasing role of language technology, specifically with Gamayun, the language equality Initiative where TWB are gathering speech and text data to automate marginalized languages for advanced language technology, such as automated translation and voice recognition, endeavoring to further reduce communication barriers. 

Gain a deeper understanding of your chosen field 

Niamh is studying Events and Marketing Management and has been able to discover more about her chosen field.

“My year in industry will benefit my final year studies enormously. I will be able to apply my experience to my studies and it will help me standout from other graduates and help my professional career.” 

Both interns agreed that internships have a real, positive impact on your career, and everyone should complete an internship if given the opportunity!  If you would like to support Translators without Borders and their vital work, you can become a volunteer translator or make a donation 

For more information about Welocalize’s Global Internship Program, contact our Global Internship Program Manager, Zvjezdana Topalovic at and check out our open roles here