Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Latin American Spanish?

welocalize February 6, 2018

Of the 469 million Spanish speakers worldwide, 418 million (90%) people live in Latin America and the United States. Targeting the correct form of Spanish and utilizing a strong cultural adaptation within these markets is very important.

Simply translating source content into Spanish for all Spanish-speaking nations is not effective. The content should be adapted and sometimes recreated to take into consideration all the local nuances, preferences and language traits.

Here is a collection of other language and country data points and tips to help you on your global journey:

  • Countries and regions in Latin America. Spanish is the official language of the following 20 countries and regions in Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama and Uruguay.
  • Accents and dialects. When translating audio material, accents are an important consideration when translating across multiple Spanish speaking regions with a large variety of accents. The Colombian accent is less distinct than others, and can be used across multiple South American countries without creating difficulties in understanding.

  • Online opportunities.In South America, over 42% of the population has internet access. However, only 17% of people in Central America are connected. (Source: World Internet Statistics, 2017).
  • Clinical trials. There are 11,626 clinical studies currently registered in Spanish-speaking LATAM countries. The main countries and regions where these studies are taking place are Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile and Colombia. (Source: gov). Read more in the latest issue of Welocalize Life Sciences Global Communicator Newsletter.
  • E-commerce Opportunity. According to The Latin American Countries 2018 Forecast by Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), an upsurge in business confidence in Latin America is expected in 2018 and e-commerce giants Amazon, Alibaba and Wall-mart are already expanding into the area. Take a look at Welocalize’s Checklist for Successful Website and E-Commerce Localization.

 Fun Facts about Latin America (Sources: Select Latin America, Fact Retriever and Statista.com):

  • Rich coastline. Costa Rica means “rich coast.” This country got this name because of the 800 miles of coastline between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.
  • Not loving it. Bolivians enjoy eating from local vendors on the street, rather than paying for meals from large chains. Because of this lifestyle, Bolivia became the first Latin American country to get rid of McDonald’s.
  • Raining fish. In Yoro, Honduras, it literally rains fish during the heaviest rain season between May and June. Find out more here.
  • Text me a video. In South America, 49% of consumers use mobile messaging and 38% watch videos online. YouTube is one of the most popular sites in Latin America. (Source: Statista.com)

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