CASE STUDY: Pharmacovigilance Translations on a Global Scale

This case study explores how a global pharma company with 110,000 employees in 90 countries engaged Welocalize to enhance its pharmacovigilance translation processes.

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This case study explores how a global pharmaceutical company with over 110,000 employees across 90 countries engaged Welocalize to enhance its pharmacovigilance translation processes. The goal was to ensure fast, accurate translations of adverse events while streamlining procurement and establishing consistent pricing and terminology management.

Together, we achieved:

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The Challenge

The client faced several critical challenges, most notably the need for a language provider capable of meeting tight 24-hour turnaround times for translating adverse events. Given the company’s presence in 90 countries, efficient management of pharmacovigilance translations across various regions was essential. Additionally, the client sought to streamline procurement processes, establish consistent pricing structures, and maintain effective terminology management.

The Solution

Welocalize approached these challenges by implementing a comprehensive strategy. Dedicated translation teams were established in key locations—Barcelona, China, and Argentina—to meet the fast translation requirements and ensure high-quality outputs.

To further enhance efficiency, a client-specific machine translation (MT) engine was developed, tailored specifically for pharmacovigilance content. This innovation not only sped up the translation process but also improved accuracy and consistency. Additionally, Welocalize introduced consistent and streamlined pricing structures, simplifying procurement and cost management for the client.

The Results

The client’s partnership with Welocalize brought about significant improvements and efficiencies. With dedicated global teams and advanced technology in place, Welocalize successfully delivered highly technical pharmacovigilance content within the required 24-hour period.

The translation volume was impressive, with over 45,000 words of pharmacovigilance content translated daily. The client-specific MT engine played a crucial role in achieving faster turnaround times and enhanced consistency, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Following the client’s expansion plans, Welocalize demonstrated its ability to scale operations as it managed translations in 39 language combinations. This capability ensured that the client could maintain high standards of translation quality and efficiency even as its needs grew.

Efficiency, consistency, and quality

The collaboration between the global pharmaceutical company and Welocalize highlights the effectiveness of having dedicated teams, advanced technology, and streamlined processes to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s demanding requirements. This case study exemplifies how strategic partnerships can lead to significant operational improvements, ensuring that fast-paced and critical translation needs are met with precision and reliability.

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