Inside LocLeaders Dublin: Engagement, Honesty, + Collaboration

welocalize November 20, 2018

Localization professionals have no shortage of options when it comes to industry events and forums. Nimzdi tracks over 100 global events in 2018.  So, when we invite our customers and other industry executives to attend our events, we appreciate that they are making an investment in time and travel to be with us.

This year, we hosted events in Palo Alto, London, Warsaw, and Seattle. We were thrilled to host our last of this year at Croke Park in Dublin. Besides a fantastic turnout, the outcome in Dublin embodies the best of our aspirations for these events.  When participants were asked to sum up their experience, the three most commonly used words were engagement, honesty, and collaboration. These sentiments resonate with us, because they reflect the purpose of LocLeaders IdeaLab at its core.

No matter where organizations are in their localization journey, there are common challenges faced by anyone working to publish multilingual content destined to reach global audiences. Participants shared the ups, downs, starts, stops, celebrations, trials, and constant learnings that come from their daily work.

Here are three standout discussions:


“Continuous localization needs to be part of the agile development process, with close collaboration with the development teams.” Pradip Patil, Software Localization Engineering Manager, Autodesk

Many software and UX development teams use agile, continuous development cycles to enable simultaneous product release. It’s important to weave continuous localization into agile processes to deliver content at speed to a global audience and create a connected environment. It’s clear that the shift of bringing development and localization teams closer together can increase connectivity, not just from a technical perspective, but culturally, too.

The right technology is also a game changer for continuous localization: modern translation management systems (TMS) to process micro-tasks, and the use of integrated translation automation, including the right mix of statistical and neural machine translation to shorten editing distance and time.

By shifting cultural and technological approaches, more frequent, smaller content ‘chunks’ can be processed to continuously deliver global content and product launches.
“Any continuous localization program needs seamless interaction and partnership with vendors and suppliers.” Pat Higgins, Localization Lead, Verizon Connect



“High-quality source content is crucial for high-quality multilingual output.” Nancy Ferreira da Rocha, Localization Program Manager, FedEx

Content review processes can vary, depending on the content type and organizational structure. One factor remains constant: good source content will result in a quicker, more productive and less-painful review process! What happens when you provide translation and transcreation teams with quality source content, accompanied with context on the brand, product, and market? The review process, whether internal or external, is smoother, streamlined, and quicker. Quality and deadlines can indeed live a happy co-existence.


“In our localization operations, we can see the financial gain from having stringent and precise terminology.” Åsa Ralpher, Head of Language and Publishing, Scania

Global organizations address terminology in different ways, often depending on industry and content type. For those involved in publishing technical content, naming product parts and functionality consistently across all locales directly impacts a product’s performance – terms can be deemed right or wrong. In this case, terminology must play a key role in the localization program and be accurate and closely managed. Digital marketing content is more subjective and therefore often warrants a different approach. Using a voting functionality within localization and linguistic teams to select the most linguistic and culturally relevant words or phrases is one way to manage terminology of digital marketing content.

We were delighted with the engagement level from all participants. The conversations could have easily lasted for a few more hours.  Thank you to panelists and participants for giving us your time, your honest points of view, and your collaborative spirit to share your experience with others.

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