Partnering to Success in India with India Language Localization

welocalize February 5, 2021

India is a complex market of untapped potential. It is rich in diversity and India’s 1.3 billion population could deliver huge rewards to ambitious brands that invest in India Language Localization.

India is in the midst of a digital boom, driven by widespread and increasingly affordable data and access to smartphones. Over 500 million Indians are already thought to be connected to the internet, and it’s estimated the figure could leap to 850 million by 2025.

To succeed in India takes careful planning, a smart localization strategy, support from trusted partners, and acute sensitivity to the needs of multiple local audiences.

This Welocalize white paper, ‘Partnering to Success in India: A Lower-Risk, Higher-Reward Approach to India Language Localization,’ looks at the various opportunities and pitfalls associated with companies entering Indian markets, including real-life use cases.


Included in the White Paper:

Localizing for India: Common Missteps

  • Staking everything on Hindi and English
  • Choosing not to localize at all

Typical Approaches to Localization in India

  • The India-based localization partner
  • Use-Case 1 – Linguist recruitment and training for India
  • Use-Case 2 – The Indian-language App launch
  • The benefits of an in-country partnership

Expanding into India: Why Wait?

With insights from Welocalize VP & Country Head in India, Puneet Chandra and Welocalize Director for Talent, Brennan Smith, this report provides an excellent basis for developing a go to market strategy in India.


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