Hybrid Event Globalization: 5 Keys to Success

welocalize August 16, 2022

Hybrid event globalization is no easy task, especially scaling up for events and meetings across multiple countries and multilingual audiences.

Aside from planning the event, businesses need to grapple with the challenges of developing the “virtual” experience and localizing content, so diverse audiences can understand the content and be immersed in the experience.

The State of Hybrid Event Planning

In 2022, event planners who became accustomed to virtual events now have to cater to two audiences: those who want to attend from the comfort of their homes and those who want a live, in-person experience. This led to the rise of hybrid events, combining the best in-person and virtual events, often with attendees spanning different continents.

Data from Interprefy shows that 71% of event professionals will focus on hybrid events in 2022.

Globalizing Hybrid Events

One of the main benefits of hybrid events over in-person and virtual events is that attendees are given a choice. They can attend physically or access personalized event content from anywhere. It depends on their preference and whether attending in person is convenient for them.

This maximizes the event’s reach and attendance. It also unlocks the event’s potential to reach a global audience, especially with the right tools and strategies.

Here are five tips for overcoming the challenges of hosting a global hybrid event.

1.  Incorporate Multiple Languages & Cultures at Every Touchpoint

In any global events, it’s essential for virtual attendees to feel like they’re part of the core audience. This audience could be customers, partners or staff and each one needs to fully understand the content and feel involved in the experience.

Hiring interpreters or using live captioning with automatic translations for speaking activities is key. Incorporate the native languages of non-English attendees into visual assets, like presentation materials and marketing creatives. Remote simultaneous interpreting really helps those people not in the room 😊

Event recordings also need subtitles and captions in multiple languages for people to watch after the event. AI-powered multimedia localization services can translate transcripts quickly and offer the recordings on demand for virtual attendees.

2.  Promote the Event as Multilingual

Promoting your event strictly in English will discourage non-English speakers from attending, even if you’re planning a multilingual event.

To prevent this, translate promotional content to your global audience’s language. This builds their expectation of receiving personalized experiences from your hybrid event. Make this the standard across all channels, including emails, newsletters, social media posts, and ad spots.

3.  Plot the Event Timeline Around Your Global and In-Person Audiences

Working with various time zones is a major obstacle when running global hybrid events.

Building a schedule around your in-person attendees must be prioritized. However, it should be timed just right to encourage international audiences to attend.

A good strategy is to plan an event that runs for multiple days while offering on-demand content. This allows international audiences to drop in at a time that’s convenient to them. Some examples of on-demand content for hybrid events are video recordings, articles, polls, and interactive learning resources.

4.  Help Virtual Attendees Understand Your Language Services and Integrations

Before and during the event’s opening, inform your international audience about the language services at their disposal.

Send a quick, step-by-step guide on how to access those services and be prepared to offer assistance to those who encounter issues.

5.  Choose a Consolidated Virtual Event Solution

Relying on separate platforms for the virtual side of your hybrid event could lead to a fragmented and messy experience. It will make the planning and management aspects harder and increase the cost of running your hybrid event.

Take the time to research comprehensive virtual event platforms to streamline your hybrid event’s online experience. Define your goals to determine the functionalities you need, such as opt-in forms, surveys, social media tracking, interactive whiteboards, and translation services.


Build a Successful Global Event Today

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