How to Build a Localization Program

welocalize August 18, 2022

When expanding into international markets, having a centralized localization program can help you scale faster and more efficiently. Whether you’re just starting out with localization or hoping to unify fragmented efforts from teams worldwide, the benefits of centralizing your localization program are worth the effort.  

Building your localization program involves six key elements:  Program Team, Technology, Talent, Processes, Quality, and Governance.  

We’ve compiled a guide, How to Build a Localization Program to share more about the benefits of a centralized localization program and the six key elements for success.  

Using the same framework we use at Welocalize when working with our clients, our six-element methodology will enable you to bring structure and standardization to your localization projects. 



Key takeaways on the six key elements are:  

  • Program Team – Localization program teams manage the localization strategy. They oversee project management, supervise in-house linguists and translators, and partner with Language Service Providers (LSP). 
  • Technology – Investing in the right software and tools automates your workflows, makes your processes efficient, centralizes resources, and improves team productivity. 
  • Talent – Translators and linguists are essential to your localization program. They ensure translations are accurate and consistent with your brand voice.  
  • Processes – The global standard for translation service requirements, ISO 17100:2015 specifies the steps you need to consistently deliver high-quality translation work. 
  • Quality – Language quality is one of the most critical metrics for localization projects. You need a comprehensive framework to monitor, measure, and control translation quality.  
  • Governance – Performance will need to be managed, measured, and reported. With your LSP, you should have an agreed-upon set of KPIs, reporting requirements, information sharing, and a communication model. 



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