How Do You Provide Amazing Customer Experience?

For companies operating in multiple countries, establishing and managing an experience that is customer-centric, consistent, and on-brand is a challenge.

Although 68.9% of websites feature English content, English is widely used in only a few major economies: Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and North America, according to CSA Research, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – BCB, 2020.

Our 2020 findings show that if a company chooses to not localize the buying experience they risk losing 40% or more of the total addressable market—the consumers that prefer selecting and buying products at local-language sites.”

Simply translating website or e-commerce content won’t cut it. To drive long-term customer loyalty (and profit), you have to localize all of the touchpoints – from digital advertising and SEO, product information and customer support through to the checkout process and shipping.

This Welocalize webinar looks at the various touchpoints of the CX, focusing on some emerging content types and techniques, specifically multimedia and digital marketing. You’ll hear different perspectives from our team of experts who including Rebecca Ray, Director, CSA Research, Michael Anderson, Senior Multimedia Engineer, and Joe Johnston, Senior Analytics Consultant, SearchStar.

This webinar will be approximately 45 minutes.

Webinar Host: Ryan Webb, Conversion and Analytics Director, Welocalize

Presenters: Rebecca Ray, Director, CSA Research, Michael Anderson, Senior Multimedia Engineer, and Joe Johnston, Senior Analytics Consultant, SearchStar

What you can expect….

  • Understanding the touchpoints. What is your CX? Who owns the various components?
  • Achieving global consistency vs local relevance. What are the benefits vs. challenges?
  • Unifying localization and marketing teams and their goals. How do you balance central and local activities?
  • Emerging content types. As the use of video and animation increases within CX, what are some localization considerations?
  • Digital marketing in tandem. As brands are increasingly driven by digital marketing activity, how do you manage a global CX?
  • Get set for global growth. How do you start and scale CX for new target markets?
  • Q&A

Can’t make the live event? Don’t worry! Anyone who registers will automatically receive a link to the recording.

Meet The Speakers

Ryan Webb, Conversion & Analytics Director, Welocalize

Ryan has worked in senior positions at three of Europe’s leading independent marketing agencies and has improved the digital marketing activity for over 300 global clients.

Rebecca Ray, Director, CSA Research

In her work at CSA Research, Rebecca’s primary focus is global digital transformation, enterprise globalization, social media, and global product development. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and proficient in Portuguese and Turkish.

Michael Anderson, Senior Multimedia Engineer, Welocalize

Michael has over 10 years experience working with all types of multimedia content and leads many large client deployments and programs for video and e-learning localization. He is also an awesome runner!

Joe Johnston, Senior Conversion Consultant, SearchStar

With over nine years in digital marketing, Joe helps many large B2B and B2C clients optimize the customer experience at a global level. He has a penchant for sticky notes and a whiteboard!