Global Transformation Summit
Amsterdam - November 2019

Thank you for spending time with us! 

We covered a lot of ground but here were some standout discussion points: 

  • Collaboration across teams is foundational to localization. Be curious! Learn and investigate, forge new contacts in other teams and you’ll open doors to successful collaboration.
  • Performance and data analytics guide growth, revenue, and customer loyalty. To prove value and ROI, gather and analyze the data (or hire someone who can).
  • The language industry needs to shift from a reliance on production to an emerging view of performance.
  • For future success, invest in automation. Integrate NLP and AI.
  • With increased use of AI, roles will evolve, new skills learned. Talent will not be replaced.

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A Special Thank You to Our Speakers

Karen Loughrey

Content Strategist - Global Content Consulting

Patricia Doest

Global Content & Customer Engagement - Azerion
Nacny Ferreria

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha

Senior Localization Manager - FedEx Digital International

Arie Blokland

European Patent Attorney, Partner - AOMB Intellectual Property

Anna Golubeva

Translation Specialist - IKEA

Naho Inuyama

Localization Marketing Manager - Atlassian

Gavin Grimes

VP & General Manager, Europe - Welocalize

Olga Beregovaya

VP, Language Solutions - Welocalize

Insights from GTS Discussions

It’s an eye-opener that marketing and localization teams feel the same and experience similar challenges. Work together and build a great customer experience and brand story.

Insights from GTS Discussions

Digital content assets have different objectives. Define the appropriate KPIs first then track. Use data to provide analytics and report performance.

Insights from GTS Discussions

There are a number of digital platforms – Google, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter and more. Each have different algorithms and different ways of optimization. Be fluent in each platform!

Insights from GTS Discussions

We’re having more and more conversations with brands about integrating NLP and AI into the product itself to reach global audiences.

Insights from GTS Discussions

We use MT on customer feedback, knowledge bases, social media, and sentiment analysis for product development. Good for analyzing new market opportunities.