Giving Back – The Welocalize Team Supports Charities All Over the World

welocalize December 17, 2020

Our incredible Welocalize colleagues support many global and local charitiesWe are continually in awe and inspired by their generosity, enthusiasm, and willingness to donate their time year-round.

This year has been challenging for everyone and for many, this holiday season may be a little different. Now, more than ever, spreading some cheer and giving back is vitally important.

Read how some of the Welocalize team makes a difference through volunteering and fundraising activities:


Genara Rodriguez + North Dublin Cat Rescue (NDCR) and Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary

Genara has volunteered with animal rescue and shelter charities, North Dublin Cat Rescue (NDCR) and Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary for the last 3 years.

The NDCR rescues, fosters, and homes, kittens and cats. They use the Dogs Aid shelter and volunteers to help nurse cats back to health.

It started as just occasionally lending a hand at the shelter where I adopted my catsbut as I learned more of the work and the struggles of the charities, I couldn’t help but to get more involved.

Garrett Ratcliff + Nicholas Schade Whitlock (NWS) Foundation

The NSW Foundation provides scholarships to deserving students to attend Mercer University in the USGarrett’s alma mater. Garrett co-founded this amazing non-profit organization and sits on the board. To date they have raised $100K.

The scholarship is in honor of Nick Whitlock, Garrett’s best friend and college roommate, who was sadly, killed in a plane crash in 2012 while serving as a pilot in the US Air Force.

“The NSW Foundation is very important to me – our annual football tailgate is our biggest fundraiser and an opportunity to celebrate and remember Nick, and, for me, that’s the most important thing.” 


Smith Yewell + The Aslan Project

Welocalize CEO, Smith Yewell is Co-Founder and serves as Chairman of the Board of The Aslan Project. The charity helps to transform the delivery of pediatric cancer care in countries that need our help and expertise. 

Since 2013, they have worked to build a sustainable pediatric cancer infrastructure in Ethiopia and provide a framework that enables children with cancer to receive quality treatment and care. 

Before we began, Ethiopia had no dedicated pediatric oncology units, no trained pediatric oncology doctors, nurses, or pharmacists, and no support services for pediatric cancer patients and their families. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. 


Lynne McKie + Claire House

Claire Houseis an incredible Children’s Hospice, based in the North of England, which helps seriously and terminally ill children.

In 2003, Lynne volunteered for the non-profit, Claire House as an Admin/Volunteer Coordinator

“Claire House is a beautiful, fun, and vibrant place – totally contrary to the vision I had, of a children’s hospice. IT’S TRULY AMAZING!”

Since then, Lynne always helps at Claire House when she can and especially during the holidays.


Tinny Widjaja + Interfaith Ambassadors of Lake Travis (IAMLT)

Tinny co-founded Interfaith Ambassadors of Lake Travis (IAMLT) in Austin, Texas. Supported by other faith organizations, IAMLT assist 140 at-risk families living in the greater Lake Travis area.  

“My philosophy is that true wealth is in giving the gift of joy, hope, convenience, and confidence to others.  

Working with other non-profits, including Central Texas Food Bank, IAMLT help families with weekly food and groceries assistance, and recently, with rent and utility assistance, driven by the pandemic crisis. 


Tundi Balogh + Project LEDO

Portland-based Tundi volunteers with Project LEDO as a grant writer, as she believes in supporting the underrepresented children in her community. 

The goal of Project LEDO is to inspire young marginalized students within the field of science and technology. Project LEDO engages students in exciting mentor programs to promote innovation and to foster life capabilities amongst students 

Project LEDO is a local charitable organization close to my heart. I’m thrilled we were able to organize a virtual school supply drive this year with the Welocalize Portland office.” 



Darren O’Reilly + Alma Mater Education

Alma Mater Education (AME) has a vision to create geo-specific, sustainable secondary education facilities in rural locations in Africa. 

“There is a huge lack of opportunities for people in rural areas of Africa. One of AME’s objectives is to create an interest within the local community in sustainable farming methods and rural business development to create more job opportunities.” 

London-based Darren is currently participating in their #farmtofork2020 fitness challenge to raise money to build a bigger kitchen and food storage facility. Darren has pledged to collectively run, swim or cycle the same distance as from the AME HQ in London to the School site in Wioso, Ghana – a cool 7778 km in total. 


Silvia Peracho + Red Cross

Red Cross is an international humanitarian movement, which was founded to protect human life and health 

Silvia has volunteered with Red Cross since December 2003Red Cross in Spain supports a range of emergency situations like forest fires, floods, and traffic accidents, offering a rapid response without forgetting a sustained aid approach. 

My decision to become a volunteer arises from the desire to collaborate and help other people. I would encourage people to volunteer for the personal wellbeing that this work brings. 


Karina Khandker + World Vision

World Vision International focus on helping children all over the world by supporting education, disaster relief, access to waterand food.

Based in New York, Karina sponsors two children in Bangladesh. On a monthly basis, they receive her donation which helps them with their day to day life.

“The children I sponsor write to me frequently. Sometimes, with the letters they will include photos and drawings and it is amazing to see them grow up. It really makes me feel like I am making an impact, even if it is in a small way.” 



Translators without Borders (TWB)

Many Welocalize employees volunteer for TWB to support efforts to provide language and translation support for critical humanitarian aid around the world – an endeavour that this year, has never been more important. Welocalize has been a proud partner and supporter to TWB since 2013. 

Welocalize are delighted to support TWB’s holiday campaign, Language for a Just World’ to ensure no one’s voice is left unheard because of language barriers.

If you would like to support TWB and their vital work, you can become a volunteer or make a donation.


We applaud our Welocalize colleagues for this community collaboration and for giving back to such worthy causes. Theexceptional work you are doing is incredible – you should all be very proud!  

If you are interested in joining the Welocalize team, explore our career opportunities here.