Fresh Approaches to Digital Patient Recruitment Campaigns

Combining the power of localized content with digital marketing to reach more clinical trial patients

Moderator: Alex Whelan, Global Account Lead, Clinical Research, Welocalize Life Sciences 

Presenters: Hugh McCallion, Managing Director, Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize company | Dan Fallon, Managing Director, SearchStar, a Welolcalize company 

Patient recruitment, engagement, and even treatment have evolved significantly over the past few years, increasingly shifting from face-to-face to digital. In the past, patients looking for information, trials, or treatment would visit their doctor and review a leaflet or flyer about a trial. In today’s digital world combined with a push toward telehealth due to new technologies and the current pandemic, we engage via email and social, search for treatments and trials online, and visit our doctors via video conferencing. How can the patient recruitment process take advantage of this change in behavior?

In this webinar, our digital marketing and localization experts share how you can utilize tried and tested digital attraction techniques to develop your patient recruitment campaigns. You’ll leave with a better understanding of international digital marketing—from the various platforms available to creating culturally appropriate messaging – to take forward for your next campaign.

Key Topics:

  • The digital transformation of clinical trial recruitment
  • Navigating and maximizing digital advertising platforms
  • Understanding and implementing digital recruitment campaigns
  • Cultural and language factors for advertising and recruitment effectiveness

Meet the Speakers

Alex Whelan, Global Account Lead, Welocalize Life Sciences

Alex has several years of experience managing government and industry programs. For the past eight years, his focus has been the management of global accounts for the clinical research industry.

Hugh McCallion, Managing Director, Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize company

Hugh’s expertise lies in search, social, and Mobile. Starting out 11 years ago in digital marketing, he has had a variety of commercially-focused roles on the agency-side and works closely with the Welocalize Life Sciences team to augment their digital offering.

Dan Fallon, Managing Director, SearchStar, a Welocalize company

With 25 years of experience, Dan has been working in digital media buying for as long as it’s existed. In 1995, he founded SearchStar. His expertise started in pay-per-click, though under his leadership SearchStar’s multi-channel approach has flourished.

Attendee Feedback

‘Great networking. Helpful and actionable insights.’ 

Lucy, Bayer 

Attendee Feedback

‘It’s always important to learn from each other. It’s interesting to see everyone has the same challenges within localization.’

Lonneke, Adidas

Attendee Feedback

‘I learned a lot about performance analytics for multilingual digital content.’

Fabiënne, Awin