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welocalize September 25, 2019

Key Takeaways from DMEXCO 2019

What does it take to drive successful digital marketing campaigns and increase international online sales? There’s no perfect answer, but at DMEXCO 2019, all the key players were there to help digital marketers better connect with their target audiences. Digital marketing experts from Welocalize, Adapt Worldwide, and SearchStar spent two very busy days, discussing how brands can take content global across 250 languages. From the DMEXCO buzz, here are four standout discussions: 

Compete with experiences, not products 

The future of digital marketing is not about the product or service, but about customer experience. Customers have high expectations and want personal experiences that are relevant to them, delivered at the right time, through the right channel, with the right content. Any experience has to be relevant and this will vary across markets and geographical borders.

To deliver a good customer experience, marketers must truly understand their customers, their habits and local preference, and that happens with good use of data. Data powers good customer experience. 


A key theme at DMEXCO was trust #TrustInYou and reinforcing trust between consumers, brands, and the digital technology behind the clicks. 

There’s a lot of doubt and mistrust about data management and the truthfulness of news and media. Fake news anyone? In this current environment of quick, accessible content, it’s more important than ever to ensure all content, in every language, is accurately represented and managed appropriately.  

Consumers now scrutinize how their data is handled. Brands and their digital marketing partners must establish trust, recognize shifting consumer priorities, and keep ahead of local regulations. 

Keep it local + culturally relevant 

Reflecting current cultural trends and significant issues in a brand’s digital marketing campaign is key to showing customers you understand and care about what matters to them.  

Global digital marketers must have sensitivity of the local markets and cultures they’re operating inThis is to be reflected at all touch points and in all branded campaign materials, whether on websites, banners, or social media.  Digital marketing activities must have a local approach to ensure any experience is authentic. For global reach, talent and skills such as multilingual copywriting, transcreation, programmatic search, and international social media marketing    

Need for Expert Consultants 

With over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries and 550 speakers at DMEXCO 2019, it was clear there are many players and technologies in the global digital marketing food chain.   

As marketing technology continues to advance, especially as machine learning and AI is applied, many brands and marketing decision makers need expert consultants to help them navigate and join the dots to drive strategies that will increase sales and ROI in all markets. Not just fotechnology implementation, but also for the specialist skills required – digital media buying, programmatic search, linguistic PPC – and the ever-growing regulations and policies that become associated with online advertising and data-protection in our industry. 

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