Connecting Global Customers with Digital Marketing

welocalize May 28, 2019

C3 2019 Conference Highlights

Global brands and marketers are constantly striving for more ways to connect with audiences to achieve international and domestic growth. At Conductor’s C3 conference in New York, the focus was on the methods and technologies but also looking at the humans and audiences behind the clicks and algorithms. What interests and drives them? How do marketers help make real connections and decisions? What content do people want? There were many standouts speakers and thought-provoking conversations.

Digital experts from Welocalize and Adapt spent three rewarding days, listening and discussing emerging trends in multilingual digital marketing, global content strategy, and how to maximize linguistic performance in campaigns.


Remember the Human Behind the Search

Amongst all the expert insights and technological advancements in online digital marketing, Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Founder of Conductor set an important tone at C3 in his opening keynote, Find What Matters, emphasizing that it’s important to humanize marketing by helping people. Never be afraid to ask for help, in work and life.

Seth also spoke with Julie Rice, Partner at WeWork and Co-Founder of SoulCycle, listening to her inspirational story on establishing a global brand. She reminded the crowd that ‘…communicating with colleagues is that most important part of the day’. #globalteamwork

Produce Content People Want to Read

Super-influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia focused on content overload and how marketing needs to think more journalistically to produce content people really want to read and see. Relevance and targeting matters in all global and local markets.

Conde Nast’s VP of Audience Growth, John Shehata reinforced this with his session on super charging traffic with evergreen content. Can I repost this content on Facebook in 3-6 months’ time? If yes, EVERGREEN. Post evergreen not cheap, disposable content. Read more: evergreen content.

Win with Modern Digital Advertising

How do you win at digital advertising in 2019? Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro tackled this and outlined his four key steps to help any global marketer working in multiple markets to achieve revenue growth and results.

People Search with [Local] Questions, Not Words

And finally, Duane Forrester, VP at Vext emphasized how search is advancing and that people search with questions, not keywords. Different countries and cultures will ask different questions, but the search results could be the same. Avoid simply translating words. Research to get into the local consumer’s mindset and recognize the importance of language and culture for the relevant search engines.

And the Award for ‘Best in Class’ Agency Goes to……

…Adapt Worldwide! The team were delighted and honored to receive one of Conductor’s coveted Searchie Awards, ‘Best in Class Agency’. Welocalize’s digital marketing agency, Adapt Worldwide, is Conductor’s official partner for multilingual content performance solutions.

Listen to Adapt and Conductor Expert-Led Webinar

Listen to expert discussions in this joint Adapt and Conductor partner webinar, Why Localizing Content is Key To Your Global Journey, for more insights on how to run great digital marketing and SEO campaigns.

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