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As a trusted global transformation partner, Welocalize accelerates the global business journey by enabling brands and companies to reach, engage, and grow international audiences. Welocalize delivers multilingual content transformation services in translation, localization, and adaptation for over 250 languages with a growing network of over 250,000 in-country linguistic resources. Driving innovation in language services, Welocalize delivers high-quality training data transformation solutions for NLP-enabled machine learning by blending technology and human intelligence to collect, annotate, and evaluate all content types. Our people work across offices in North America, Europe, and Asia serving our global clients in the markets that matter to them.


Leading from the front and by daily example, our leadership team is guided by the 4-Pillars, which are core principles of Welocalize’s culture. The 4-Pillars are Customer Service, Quality, Global Teamwork and Innovation, and define how the team at Welocalize engages with one another and as well as how the company engages with clients, partners and the broader community.

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Welocalize’s strategic acquisitions continue to establish and deepen our expertise and capabilities across specialized industries and sectors. Through integrated language solutions across Welocalize’s operating companies, we enable our clients to expand internationally and engage effectively with their global audiences.

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Talented, committed, curious, and customer service-centric people are at the heart of Welocalize’s growth and our clients’ global success. Our clients and partners trust Welocalize team members to lead, advise, and challenge how we achieve success together.

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Welocalize operates on a global scale across North America, Europe and Asia. Our company has a team of over 1,900 employees supported by a network of over 77,000 freelancers and language agencies.

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Source: Nimdzi 2021

TRUSTED BY GLOBAL 2000 Companies

“Good user experience leads to user satisfaction. A focus on linguistic accuracy only is not likely to deliver content that is most natural to users in their target language. Welocalize and Blackboard have collaboratively built a program with the user experience central to all activities. It has been a great success for all teams, and most importantly for our users.”

Marie Hanabusa, Localization Manager,

"In 2009, I envisioned a 'follow the sun model' to support any content type, tool, code or system to be globalized for our customers. Our first vendor partner was Welocalize. Together, we have built a globalization center of excellence at NetApp. Welocalize has been there all along the journey as a trusted advisor to help us scale and gain speed."

Anna Schlegel, Sr Director Globalization Programs
and Information Strategy, NetApp

"Videojet has been on a journey to mature our level of localization to produce high quality, global-ready marketing materials. As our main partner, Welocalize has led us through the learning curve. The business results are decreasing review times by 46% while managing 50% increase in volume, and also saving 36% on overall translation spend."

John Coleman, Marketing Director,
Videojet, a Danaher company