Brilliant Digital Marketers Battle Beast from the East

welocalize March 20, 2018
Three Standout Discussions from the Women in Localization UK Event

The recent ‘Beast from the East’ was no match for the Women in Localization (WIL) UK Chapter. Battling the snow blizzards that hit London, professionals in digital marketing and localization came together to participate in an evening of warmth, learning and networking.

The participants were keen to hear insights from panelists on this topic: ‘Staying Relevant in the Digital Age – How Digital Marketing is Changing Our Industry’.

Here are three standout discussions:

ONE: Think Mobile

Brands must stand out to compete in a crowded digital marketplace. Savvy marketers use modern marketing approaches like continuous content optimization and thorough cultural adaptation. In today’s digital world, these practices are increasingly mobile-focused.

According to Adobe Analytics, in the period 2016 to 2017, web traffic from desktop and tablet declined by 50%, while smartphones surged. There’s no doubt that mobile platforms are becoming increasingly important in the overall global marketing digital landscape. For user acquisition and engagement, mobile matters. Panelist Beth Crane highlighted the challenges for content creators and marketers in a mobile-first landscape.

Global mobile users today are impatient, research obsessed and searching for digital content more specifically than ever before. To connect with the right target audience, a marketer needs to understand how users interact with Google and other key search engines.” Beth Crane, Senior SEO Analyst, Adapt Worldwide

By accessing digital content on-the-go, research obsessed consumers can get the answers they need to make the right purchase online. Brands can help progress the online user experience by posting searchable and relevant digital content tuned for the mobile devices most used by the targeted audience in a particular country. Delivering targeted, compelling content that is also culturally optimized further enhances the user experience to drive engagement and conversion.

TWO: Drive Global SEO

Global businesses must continually draw a data-driven understanding of what content is working and why. Marketing tools are available to help brands monitor digital marketing performance in all markets and locales. Panelist Nikki Jacobse highlighted the importance of measuring SEO performance.

“A successful SEO optimized blog content strategy is not just about seeing an increase in organic traffic and rankings, but also about improving on-page engagement metrics, such as bounce rate and time spent on a page. These user signals are a good indication of whether your content suits your target audience.” Nikki Jacobse, Senior SEO Analyst, Adapt Worldwide

THREE: Optimize Digital Content

The average web user won’t go past the first five search results. Users are searching for content with more specific keywords and terms. This highlights the importance of optimizing digital content for a local audience. Even if the content has performed well in general A/B testing for one region, if users in a different region use different search terms, those users won’t easily find the intended content. Local online search strategies must be continuously updated so that fresh content is aligned with regional user behavior. New content must be uploaded regularly and existing content must be refreshed to positively impact global SEO strategy.

And a final word to all the souls who braved the snow….

“Our world is changing rapidly and it’s crucial to stay relevant. Bringing together experts from across the language service industry to share knowledge with peers is a crucial way for us to achieve this and a cornerstone of Women in Localization’s values.” Jessica Rathke, Women in Localization UK Chapter Manager

Thank you to everyone who gathered for this Women in Localization UK Chapter panel discussion at Adapt Worldwide offices in London. YOU MADE THIS A GREAT EVENT.

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