Breaking the Concrete on Inherited Tech Stacks

Building a localization tech stack from scratch is rare – unless you’re starting a new company. Chances are most localization and translation professionals have inherited someone else’s decisions and technology purchases. 

Key questions to ask when building and developing an established tech stack are ‘How do I change it without breaking everything?’ ‘How can I make sure people are onboard with change? and ‘Can we scale for future business requirements?’ 

This Welocalize webinar brings together two industry experts: Loy Searle, Senior Director of Localization and Global Content at Workday and Darin Goble, VP of Solutions at Welocalize. This is a unique opportunity to hear about Workday’s global journey and live program – How to implement change to achieve a scalable, future-proofed technology platform ready to handle multiple languages and content types. 

What you can expect… 

How to approach an entrenched tech stack and instigate change.

Knowing and understanding what you have inherited and why. Not every localization manager is a technology whizz or engineer. 

Developing a roadmap for your localization tech stack. Mapping the tech stack to meet future business needs and desired outcomes. 

Tackling change management and convincing people – understanding politics and managing multiple stakeholders. 

Future-proofing – anticipating the next best thing and making sure your tech stack can cope. 

Meet the speakers

Darin Goble VP of Solutions, Welocalize

Darin Goble, Vice President, Solutions, Welocalize

Darin has over 25 years’ experience producing global ready localization solutions for many leading global brands. He heads up Welocalize’s Solutions team and is responsible for deploying innovation and technology to Welocalize clients all over the world.
Loy Searle Senior Director of Localization & Global Content, Workday

Loy Searle, Senior Director of Localization + Global Content, Workday

Loy has been a globalization and content industry leader for over 20 years. She has previously worked at Google as Head of Global Localization Production and Intuit as Director of the Globalization Center of Excellence. Today at Workday, Loy’s team is building a localization and content center of excellence to scale and support the company’s expansion goals. Loy is a board member at Women in Localization.