Best Employers in Localization Awards Recognizes Welocalize as Leading LSP for Training and Personal Development

welocalize January 18, 2022

Research from Training Magazine shows employees benefit from increased job satisfaction levels and internal promotion opportunities when a company invests in its employees through training and development programs. Welocalize, ranked as one of the world’s largest language services providers (LSP), has achieved recognition for its commitment to the betterment of each employee through its comprehensive training and personal development programs, earning a 2022 Best Employers in Localization Award (BELA Award).

The annual BELA Awards celebrate the best employers within the language services industry globally. Vetted and selected by a panel of judges, the 2022 BELA Awards acknowledges and applauds 10 LSPs across five categories that make the industry an attractive sector and an excellent career choice. This year, Welocalize earned the award for “Best Training and Personal Development Programs” for a company over $10 million in annual revenue.

“Welocalize is proud to be an inclusive organization with a supportive environment that includes multiple training and learning opportunities where everyone can thrive,” comments Ronan Kevitt, Senior Leader for the People Success team at Welocalize. “I cannot say enough about our global talent and training teams, and I am extremely proud Welocalize has earned the honor of a BELA Award for ‘Best Training and Personal Development’.”

According to the organizers of the BELA Awards, Adaptive Globalization, “Every good employer knows that success and failure of a business is down to its employees. It is no secret that happy and productive employees lead to great growth and a successful business.”

A positive workplace culture across all talent—whether fulltime employee, contractor, or freelancer—is an essential part of giving people a sense of fulfilment and motivation, encouraging them to go the extra mile.

Training, Development, and Opportunities at Welocalize

Welocalize employees benefit from an increasing number of courses designed to help learn new skills and enhance personal and professional development. In the past year, the company’s employees spent 7,046 hours learning.

Each new hire at Welocalize receives business unit and role-specific training provided by their manager, as well as through internal courses that are assigned to them though the firm’s Learning Management System called “WeLearn,” which consists of 168 courses across four categories: quality, interpersonal skills, functional skills, and technical skills.

“Our commitment to investing in talent and training extends across the organization. In addition to our employee training and development programs, we have a Transforming Talent program available for freelancers and agencies. It is focused on building the next generation of talent to meet the fast-growing needs of the localization industry. The program provides structured learning opportunities to translators and other language professionals in different corners of the world. We also offer learning opportunities to thousands of non-employee team members, including those in underserved communities,” comments Brennan Smith, VP Talent at Welocalize.

Welocalize also places an emphasis on team building and idea sharing. This happens through a variety of in person and virtual formats—from global town hall meetings to office roadshows to pasta making classes and online trivia—and is all part of Welocalize’s commitment to employee growth, development, and wellbeing.

“Helping employees develop personally and professionally is an investment in both our employees and the future of Welocalize,” adds Kevitt.

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