Adapting to a Remote Internship

welocalize August 18, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapid changes in the way we do business, with many global workforces now working remotely. The shift to remote working has impacted different people in different ways. For those who are at the early stages of their careers, specifically interns, how has remote working affected their work, career, and personal development?

We have over 50 interns each year across seven different offices taking part in Welocalize’s Global Internship Program. The switch from office to remote-based work has meant taking a different approach and ensuring our interns are fully supported and still able to grow and develop within their roles, whilst based at home.

Our Welocalize interns are an amazing group of talented individuals. We spoke to some of our interns around the world to get their thoughts and experiences of remote working so far:


Working from home has been enjoyable and I quickly got used to my new “office” surroundings. However, it does come with its challenges like losing internet connection and adapting to having your family around! Overall, it’s an experience that has given us a completely different way of learning, to work as a team as well as on your own.” Elisha Ratcliffe, Project Coordinator, Operations, UK


“I prefer working on-site to working remotely as the former provides me with a professional environment and better efficiency. However, I also believe that remote is becoming an inevitable tendency under the current world situation. Adaptability is crucial here and I’m glad to see that Welocalize has managed to keep going on in the face of such a great challenge. The experience of working remotely taught us how to adapt in time to whatever is being needed.” Hugo Li, Talent Community Coordinator, China


“The biggest change and challenge since working from home has been maintaining the social aspects of work – finding time to connect with my colleagues on a personal level. You lose that quick face to face morning chat and coffee in the kitchen! I’ve run a virtual Kahoot quiz for the Chester team to make sure we all keep connected! Overall, working from home has been good – I’ve gained remote communication skills and have developed more connections. You learn to adapt, mature, and be more flexible.” Niamh Sheehan, Global Marketing, UK

“I’ve enjoyed the experience of working from home. It has enabled me to be more productive as I’ve not had to travel anywhere. However, there have been some challenges for example noise distractions and the loss of Wi-Fi! Although we have kept in touch, one thing I have missed about being in the office is having tea and lunch breaks with friends. Working from home has overall been a great experience that I believe has improved my way of working.” Francesca Biggs, Global Sales Strategy and Operations, UK 


This long-distance internship has been going great so far. From brewing a fresh cup of coffee on my Moka pot to taking a 5 minute break to do some yoga — working from the comfort of your home allows you to attune your workplace to your specific needs, adapting both your space and your time to better fit you and your tasks. As a result, I feel both comfortable and productive. Sure, you can’t socialize with your fellow co-workers during lunchtime or go to your teammates’ desk to solve doubts and queries, but Microsoft Teams’ chats are a good enough substitute for that!” Mariana Mancebo, Talent Community Coordinator, Barcelona

“The shift to working from home has brought new challenges and a welcome opportunity to develop skills. At the onset of the pandemic, my workload increased which helped to keep me proactive during uncertain times. Despite this, there has been the challenge of distractions at home and also the lack of social contact with my colleagues and friends in the office. Nevertheless, the use of Microsoft Teams and email enables us to still stay connected. Overall, working from home has been a challenging but beneficial experience.” Tom Baker, Global Sales Strategy and Operations, UK

“Having a remote internship has been completely hassle free so far, and it’s actually very comfortable and mostly productive. I’m in touch with my colleagues every day, and although I wish I could actually meet and work with them in real life, working remotely really isn’t that different from working from the office.” Emma Peters, Talent Development, Barcelona




Our interns have embraced this challenging period and working from home, continuing to develop both professionally and personally, helping us to reimagine the way we work with talent across the globe. Thank you to all our fantastic interns around their world. We salute your flexibility, adaptability, and ability to keep growing and learning in unexpected ways!

For more information about Welocalize’s Global Internship Program, contact our Global Internship Program Manager, Zvjezdana Topalovic at and check out our intern opportunities here.