5 Most Watched Sessions from Let’s Go On-Demand Summit

welocalize February 22, 2022

Welocalize has always believed in helping the industry identify upcoming trends and challenges. Making our industry expert-led sessions accessible for all is a step toward helping managers across industries identify change and strategize by following the shifts.

Here are the 5 most popular sessions so far from Welocalize Let’s Go On-Demand Summit:

1. The Localization Manager’s Guide to Everything 2022

Calling all localization leaders to get ready for 2022 and beyond. We are presenting The Localization Manager’s Guide to Everything 2022 and beyond.

This panel discussion is so popular among localization managers that we had to offer it twice. Both the discussions featured different industry experts as panelists.

The discussion panel for the first session included leading industry experts: Alexandra Maria Pop, Senior Manager, Product Localization, UiPath, Cristina Triviño Castillo, Head of Localization, Sprinklr, and Margarida Soares, Localization Manager, MindGym.

The second discussion on the same topic features the following panelists: Alessia Felici, Global Localization Program Lead, IKEA, Anna Golubeva, Global Localization Program Lead, IKEA, and Hartmut von Berg, Senior Director of Global Localization, LogMeIn.

Both the discussions were facilitated by Steve Maule, Director, Customer Success, Welocalize.

Localization managers can watch and rewatch both sessions to gain insights on the localization trends for the coming year and beyond. View the sessions here.

Insights from this session are also featured in the Welocalize guide: The Localization Manager’s Guide to Everything 2022 [register to download PDF]

2. Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy

AI is the buzzword. We live in a multilingual world. How can you use AI to reach diverse audiences? If you want to use AI for translation and localization, how will your customers receive it? As a business owner or manager, you’re looking for answers to similar questions, so you should watch the session: Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy.

In this session, Welocalize VP of AI Innovation, Olga Beregovaya, shares her views on AI in 2022. She discusses the use of AI to achieve global content goals while giving insights on neural language processing, machine learning, and conversational AI.

3. Entertain Us: Multimedia Localization in 2022

The lines between work and play are blurring fast. Generation Y has constant access to the internet. This is the generation that prefers learning and entertainment through multimedia. With increased access to multimedia, the demand for localization of content has also increased.

Entertain Us: Multimedia Localization in 2022 is a lively panel discussion that covers emerging topics for anyone working with global multimedia. What influence does generation Y have? What role will AI have in multimedia production?

The discussion features industry experts as panelists: Chris Fetner, Managing Director, Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), Esther Bond, Research Director, Slator, Michael Anderson, Multimedia Manager, Welocalize, and Mandy Morgan, Client Director, Welocalize.

4. The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marking is an ever-evolving landscape. No two months, or even two years, are the same when it comes to digital marketing policies and trends.

In a privacy-first world, Google is phasing out third-party cookies, advances in AI are increasing automation, and visual search via images and videos are on a rise. Content creation is demanding increased efficiency owing to all the above-listed changes.

To get deeper insights on the future of marketing, listen to the session titled, The Future of Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond.

5. Solving the Challenge of International Growth in 2022

In this session, Liam Higgins, Google’s International Growth Agency Program lead for the UK and Ireland, details what to expect for global growth in 2022. He talks about the expected economic outlay for 2022. He also throws light on the biggest obstacles for international expansion and ways to overcome them.

Managers and business owners will benefit from watching this session to get a deeper insight into the business for the year ahead. Watch the session here.

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