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Global Issues: The Threats Affecting E-Commerce

This Summer, delve into the global crises impacting e-commerce brands, how brands can react and succeed with their digital performance marketing, as well as our pick of the marketing trends that will set you apart this year and next.

“My Summer Top Pick is The Threats Affecting E-Commerce Guide. Despite the major issues affecting e-commerce brands globally, not all is lost! There are still growth opportunities to take advantage of – add this guide to your Summer reading and get ready for the peak e-commerce season ahead.”

Grace Bethell -

Strategic Account Director, Adapt, a Welocalize company

The Impact of Inflation on eCommerce Brands

In this 20-minute webinar, Strategic Account Director, Grace Bethell, covers the global issues driving consumer concern, how buying habits are likely to change, and the ways e-commerce brands can react and adapt.

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