What a Year! Some 2021 Highlights…

welocalize December 21, 2021

As we approach the end of the year, let’s look at some of the highlights and trends of 2021 in the localization and language industry.

From events, insights, collaborations, and community, there have been so many things that have helped make this year amazing and will continue to influence as we move into 2022 ->

Here’s our roundup of some 2021 highlights:


1. All Hail the Localization Leaders!

Implementing and driving successful language and localization strategies is no easy feat. Overcoming obstacles such as using data, reaching stakeholders, and managing cross-functional teams can be a challenge.

Localization is increasingly expanding its reach and influence as an important part of global growth.

Check out our series of guides for Localization Managers to learn more about delivering global growth programs.

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Localization Manager’s Guide to Measurement + KPIs | Download Now
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2. The Growth of AI + Multilingual Chatbots

AI has been a hot topic this year. AI adoption has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. Many global brands understand that customer experience (including online support) can be enhanced with chatbots and digital assistants, trained to speak multiple languages – both acoustic and text-driven.

AI-enabled systems will continue to grow as we head in 2022.

Download Welocalize’s guide to Conversational AI for great insights on leveraging AI-systems (like chatbots) in multiple languages.


3. International Expansion through Localization

It’s become more evident than ever this year that localization is about more than simply translating from one language to another. Global brands need to demonstrate their value and support across the whole buyer journey, to deliver a superior customer experience and impactful messaging.

Read more about how to expand your international footprint and drive global business outcomes through localization in this case study here.


4. The Rise of E-Learning + Multimedia

Remote training has gained serious traction this year (thanks in part to the pandemic). There’s been a growth in growing demand for online e-learning content to train, educate, and motivate global workforces, customers, and partners. And audiences want to be entertained, so video and animation is increasingly being used to deliver these online training programs.

With only 20% of the world speaking English as their first language, programs must be localized and culturally relevant for the local audience.

If you’re interested in creating seamless and engaging e-learning content for global audiences, download our e-learning localization playbook here.


5. The Importance of Representation, Diversity, and Inclusivity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has taken center stage across the globe recently – for global content, representation of gender, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic factors, among others is an increasingly important issue.

Language is a vital part of inclusivity and accessibility – ensuring that of those who English is not their first language are represented and able to engage with your global content.

The issue of gender representation has become apparent in voice assistants with a bias towards the use of female voices, and AI is also becoming more widely used to identify and monitor multilingual hate speech and offensive content online and on social media using sentiment analysis.

The issue of DEI has also become more apparent in multimedia and voice talent selection, with many localization buyers struggling to source voice talent to meet the increase in volumes and demand for representation of minorities and diversity.


6. A New Chapter for Translators without Borders (TWB)

As big fans and supporters of Translators without Borders, we were thrilled to hear about their expansion to CLEAR Global, to build on the wonderful work that they do to remove language barriers. Click here to read more about this amazing organization.

If want to support their 2021 holiday campaign, ‘Let’s Talk, Let’s Listen’ click here.


7. Let’s Go Summit Launched!

Welocalize’s Let’s Go On-Demand Summit showcases great sessions on how to achieve global growth with multilingual content in 2022. Includes discussion on localization, loc tech stacks, multimedia, conversational AI, and lots more.

This event series will continue in 2022, sharing insights and encouraging peer-to-peer interaction for anyone working with global content and international markets.

You can sign up and access the 2021 sessions here.

8. Our Amazing Welocalize Family

This year, we’ve loved celebrating the many different cultures, countries, and languages spoken by our global teams. And they’ve been awesome at sharing their uniqueness. Back in February, some of our wonderful Welocalize family came together on how to say LOVE in different languages.


During the holiday season, we’ve been sharing some of our favorite foods that we enjoy at this time of year. Check it out –>

What a year – It’s been jam-packed, inspiring, and insightful. What’s been your favorite moment of 2021?

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