Welocalize and LoopUp: Connecting Remote Teams Around the World

welocalize June 23, 2020

Connecting people and teams around the world in a virtual way is the new norm. Video conferencing is now mainstream and an essential business and communications tool for everyone.

LoopUp is the leading remote meeting solution for enterprises, with more than 7,000 businesses using LoopUp worldwide and the product is available in seven languages across the US, Europe, and Asia. Established in 2003, LoopUp combines audio reliability with a simple user experience and powerful collaboration features, making it an ideal solution for organisations where remote meetings are ‘mission critical’.

The company has 17 offices worldwide and sales teams located in US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong and Australia. Global expansion is part of LoopUp’s overall growth strategy with goals to enter new markets and gain users in new countries and territories.

‘One of our strategic business goals is to reach new customers in the right language and enable their LoopUp experience to be culturally relevant. We needed a translation and localization partner to support our global expansion goals and provide high quality multilingual content. Welocalize provides translation and localization services that help LoopUp realize global goals. They deliver product and marketing content in multiple languages that truly reflects the LoopUp brand and experience.’ Rob Jardine, Chief Marketing Officer, LoopUp
Welocalize Delivers Marketing Translation

LoopUp has partnered with Welocalize since 2018 to deliver multilingual web-based digital marketing communications to users in the right language. The LoopUp website contains important user information including articles, product information, and a library of resources to enable the LoopUp community to maximize the product. The Welocalize team translates the LoopUp website and digital marketing content, including customer-facing emails, using a dedicated team of translators and linguists who are familiar with LoopUp products and overall style and tone.

LoopUp relies on Welocalize’s translation expertise to get web content to the right audience and deliver a great user experience.

Product Localization: LoopUp UI

With users located all over the world, LoopUp must deliver an authentic product experience in all target locales. The product experience for Chinese or Spanish-speaking users must be the same high quality, regardless of language. The Welocalize team provide translation services for LoopUp UI for seven languages, including European and Asian languages, ensuring all linguistic and functional elements are accurate – for web, mobile, and app.

Impact of COVID-19
‘Since COVID-19 began, we’ve seen a significant increase in the percentage of LoopUp meetings that include video and screen sharing. This reflects changes in the needs of our users – meetings that would previously have occurred in-person are now being held remotely. To support rapid international growth, our global growth strategy is key to future success and we need to continue to provide product and marketing content in the right language to our users around the world.’ Rob Jardine, Chief Marketing Officer, LoopUp

LoopUp is helping businesses around the world stay connected and continues to provide support as many more prepare to extend a working from home model. Whether a law firm in Japan or technology company in London, LoopUp offers simple, reliable solutions and Welocalize is proud to support their global growth goals.

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