Using AI to Protect Your Global Brand: Tackling Non-Inclusive and Hate Speech

The negative impact and upsetting effects of online non-inclusive and hate speech content is an increasing problem for all of us. Global brands continue to look for reliable solutions to identify and monitor offensive content or content that alienates certain racial, social, and sexual groups.  

The sheer volume of online, offline, and in-application mobile content in multiple languages means brands struggle to monitor, understand, and act on harmful content of various origins. 500 million tweets and Facebook stories are shared daily. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to manage large datasets of multilingual content – often user generated content (UGC) and company branded “authored” contentAI systems are far from perfect. For starters, it’s well-known that some algorithms don’t work to flag hate or offensive speech and accurately recognize the context. Then there’s the task of understanding multilingual elements and local, cultural elements to determine whether the content is offensive or harmful for this locale and language. Lastly, sometimes a synonym or a paraphrase can disguise an offensive expression, which will require a different set of algorithms that can identify semantic similarities.  

In this Welocalize webinar, our panel of industry experts, led by the Welocalize AI, Quality, and Diversity Teams will discuss the scale and impact that inclusion standards and hate speech has on the world. They will share knowledge on how we can move towards AI as a more reliable solution for brands to identify and manage such content, thereby protecting their brand and global audiences. The discussion also features insights from special guest, Emil Atanassov, VP of Internationalization at ServiceNow. Welocalize experts include Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of AI & Innovation, Salim Catrina, Welocalize VP of Quality Operations, and Brennan Smith, Welocalize VP of Talent Strategy.

This webinar will be approximately 45 minutes.

What you can expect:

  • The scale of the hate and inclusion phrase and vocabulary problem. Its reach and impact.  
  • Leveraging AI to tackle multilingual hate and non-inclusive speech. How can language technology protect global audiences? 
  • Setting quality standards and KPIs. How do you measure the ‘quality’ of offensive content? 
  • Protecting Teams. Supporting the wellbeing of localization teams through resiliency plans. 

Can’t make the live event? Don’t worry! Anyone who registers will automatically receive a link to the recording. 

Meet the speakers

Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of AI & Innovation

Olga is an established industry expert in the field of innovative language technology and AI. She speaks regularly at conferences and was previously President of the Association for MT in the Americas.

Emil Atanassov, VP Internationalization, ServiceNow

Emil leads the internationalization strategy and execution at ServiceNow. He has held senior roles in the industry for over 12 years.

Salim Catrina, Welocalize VP of Quality

With 15 years’ experience in localization, Salim creates strong, innovative quality solutions. She is also a member of Welocalize’s Diversity Steering Committee.

Brennan Smith, Welocalize VP of Talent Strategy

Brennan leads the recruitment, welfare, and ongoing engagement of Welocalize’s global talent pool. He is a member of Welocalize’s Diversity Steering Committee.

Lauren Mercer, Client Services Director, Welocalize

Lauren supports Welocalize clients with multilingual workforce management solutions, harnessing the power of global talent to deliver clean, trained data for machine learning.

Attendee Feedback

‘Excellent event with inspiring and thought-provoking conversations!’

Gwen, Dell Technologies

Attendee Feedback

‘I learned a lot about performance analytics for multilingual digital content.’

Fabiënne, Awin

Attendee Feedback

‘Expert insights on AI, NLP, and automation in localization.’

Anna, IKEA