A Culture of Innovation

Welocalize leads the industry in innovation that drives interoperability, scale, and efficiency as enterprises continue to expand globally.

Whether to streamline complexity through automation, deepen capabilities through strategic acquisitions, or integrate technology-enabled solutions, innovation at its core is about enabling business transformation.

Welocalize celebrates and cultivates innovation as a mindset and as a practice.

Advanced MT and NMT Services

Machine Intelligence

Global brands trust Welocalize with designing and managing technology-driven language programs powered by machine translation (MT).

With growing content volumes, companies require expertise in translation automation and content curation with little or no human involvement. Language automation delivers faster translations and increased productivity across a larger volume of content.

Welocalize’s dedicated language technology team works to develop and deliver MT and natural language processing (NLP) solutions that meet varying quality requirements. Welocalize’s in-house computational linguistic team is also active in various open source neural MT communities, bridging the gap between research and practice. Welocalize’s machine translation and language automation services include:

  • Optimize generic machine translation (MT) engine performance with proprietary pre and post processing tools
  • Design and implement MT engine integration with TMS environments
  • Customize both commercial and open source neural, rules-based, hybrid and statistical MT engines fit for purpose
  • Produce training data for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
Modern Delivery Platform

Process Automation

Companies face operational, technology and organizational challenges when operating globally. As a partner to these companies, Welocalize recognizes that our internal technology platform is foundational to enabling the success of our clients’ localization programs. We have embraced digital transformation by developing the next generation technology platform that is architected with these imperatives:

  • Scalability for small projects to volume services
  • Managed and automated processes for speed, agility, and control
  • Data-driven decision support and performance management
  • Smart resourcing for capacity and quality management

This foundational platform unifies tasks and content management across our project delivery lifecycles integrated with an expansive network of over 30,000 linguistic experts. The result is a modern service delivery environment that supports interoperability, automation, and flexibility.

The operational result for our clients is significant: it is easier to work with our project managers, our translators, localization engineers and other business stakeholders to get things done.

Our technology platform also enables us to support clients within their current ecosystem as well as be prepared for future requirements. In current state, this means integrating with enterprise systems like content management systems (CMS), product information management software (PIM), and marketing automation platforms (MAP). In future state, this may mean evaluating how data is modeled and captured to support machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

We start by understanding content requirements, information technology infrastructure, and desired business outcomes to support different deployment models, for example:

  • Support a client’s existing translation management system (TMS) by aligning trained project managers and translation resources through smart resourcing
  • Enhance a client’s existing TMS by customizing connectors, workflows, and integrated applications
  • Streamline an evaluation and proof of concept of commercially available TMS to determine fit for purpose
  • Deploy an open-source TMS that is standards-compliant and supports interoperability
Strategic Customer Centric Solutions

Advisory Services

As digital transformation accelerates across global operations, international companies now need continuous localization of smaller projects at higher frequency across different content types compared to larger, uniform projects with longer timelines for delivery. This change in localization impacts all aspects of the translation delivery lifecycle – people, process, and technology.

Clients understand that a business-as-usual approach may not be suitable. To begin exploring new solutions, clients engage with Welocalize through our advisory services. Examples of consulting work with clients through our advisory services include:

  • Immersive training summits for language program teams to create a different quality model
  • Audit of end-to-end workflows to identify areas for automation
  • Evaluation of terminology and translation memories to optimize MT engine tuning

Trusted by Global 2000 Companies

"The MT program that we put in with Welocalize is innovative and industry leading. We're producing more translated materials without increasing costs, and this will continue as the program matures. Customers who interact with Dell in their native language will be much more engaged and satisfied with their experience from Dell.com."

Wayne Bourland, Director of Translation, Dell Technologies

"We needed to prepare Intuit for globalization readiness. It was a great challenge to go from zero to full MT-readiness in three months. We did it! We've also reached other milestones including deeper integrations of MT for additional languages and content types. Welocalize is an excellent global localization partner."

Render Chiu, Group Manager, Intuit