Secure Accurate Expert Translations

Financial + Banking Services

Translations required by accountants and auditors to equity analysts and investment fund managers continue to increase in volume and complexity.

Whether printed or digital, these documents and reports require expert translations that follow strict quality controls, data confidentiality, and accurate terminology usage.

Welocalize ensures financial content is global-ready by combining quality management systems with vetted, experienced linguists who have specialized domain knowledge of source documents, including:

  • Annual financial reports
  • Statutory financial statements
  • Auditor’s report
  • Investment prospectus
  • Shareholder communications
  • Initial Public Offerings documents
Regulatory Compliance at Highest Quality

Life Sciences + Clinical Trials

Whether translating patient-reported outcomes (PROs) for regulatory submission or clinical trial protocols, life sciences companies cannot afford to compromise language accuracy or quality for speed.

With an estimated cost of commercialization for a pharmaceutical drug at US$2.5 billion and for a medical device at US$31 million, life sciences companies must also consider how to manage translation budgets effectively across the entire product and drug development phases.

As part of Welocalize’s operating companies, Welocalize Life Sciences specializes in expert translation and localization services required for global clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, medical devices, healthcare brands and medical companies. Our translation solutions are accurate, submission ready, and delivered timely while mitigating risk and adhering to highest quality controls.

Trusted Expert Legal Translations

Patent, Litigation + Legal

A Welocalize operating company, Park IP Translations provides foreign language solutions for patent translation and filing management, litigation support, and corporate legal services.

Am Law 200 firms and Fortune 500 corporate legal teams trust Park IP Translations to deliver language solutions that meet stringent quality standards. It matters that no client has ever been denied patent protection due to a fault in a translation provided by Park IP Translations.

We ensure the right talent through a network of technical subject matter experts, certified native linguists, and specialized legal interpreters. Our secure, ISO 9001:2015 certified worldwide operations ensure efficiency at global scale, speed and value.



Quality-Assured, Global-Ready Translations

Welocalize unique three-point process ensures a constant cycle of review and feedback for all translations. We consistently audit and utilize the best linguistic and review resources.

01 Translation of Files

Files are received by specialist resources and translated into the target language using expert subject matter expertise and knowledge of local best practices.

02 Translation Review

Translations are reviewed by a second native speaking reviewer who also rates the translator based on the quality of their work. Ratings are stored in our systems to track which translators are providing the highest quality.

03 Final Quality Control

Translations are passed to a quality control specialist who not only reviews the material once more to ensure total accuracy but also rates the reviewer before the translation is delivered back to the client.

Spotlight on Life Sciences Industry Insights

Welocalize Life Sciences’ monthly newsletter, Global Communicator®, features articles, tips, and resources for professionals in the clinical research, biotechnology, healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.