How Norican and Welocalize Transformed Digital Content To Reach Global Audiences

“We needed a digital marketing and localization partner to boost the digital visibility of Norican brands and products at a global level, specifically English and German-speaking industrial markets. We collaborated with Welocalize as a trusted partner to develop and drive multilingual SEO and digital marketing campaigns.”
Head of Global Marketing, Norican Group

Home to four of the world’s leading industrial technology companies⁠⁠⁠—DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen, and Wheelabrator—Norican Group provides equipment, services, and technology for the molding, casting, and treatment of metallic parts.

With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, Norican’s digital customer journey and user experience must be linguistically accurate and culturally relevant at a local level. Whether located in Germany or India, when someone searches for Norican products and technologies, the digital content and campaign material they consume must be targeted and on-brand.


Norican needed a digital partner to develop multilingual digital marketing campaigns and adapt websites and digital content to reach global audiences. Norican is also driving thought-leadership content to the global manufacturing industry to help educate organizations on the opportunities and key technologies driving Industry 4.0. They wanted to work with a global team who understood the vision and different technologies to align and amplify products and ideas for an increasingly global and digital industrial world.

In 2019, Norican Group and Welocalize partnered to develop a multilingual SEO program and digital content strategy, boosting the digital visibility of their brands and products in core English and German-speaking industrial markets. In close collaboration, Norican Group and Welocalize optimized the online experience for potential clients in different markets across several of Norican Group’s individual and complex lines of business. This included SEO and metadata optimization for Google search.

By improving the Norican website user journey on mobile and desktop platforms, potential clients and partners can now find the equipment, support, and leadership they need to prepare for Industry 4.0 in the right language.


Welocalize also equipped Norican Group with analytics tools for monitoring the ongoing performance of digital content. By leveraging data, teams can uncover why a particular language or web page performs better than another and make the necessary changes to drive better outcomes. Using this data, Norican’s future digital content strategy can be further refined and directed, ensuring a strong customer experience and that content is connecting with the audiences.

“By continually monitoring and improving the performance of our digital campaigns using data and analytics, we’re able to measure content ROI, see growth in sales, and drive thought-leadership of our vision and innovations. Welocalize is an excellent partner, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

Head of Global Marketing, Norican Group

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