CASE STUDY: Wizz Air Soars New Heights With Welocalize Solutions For Digital Content

The Language Challenge of Entering New Markets

Since its first flight in 2004, Wizz Air has reached new heights, becoming the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and one of the fastest-growing airlines in Europe. The airline’s ambition to continue on its rapid growth path is underlined by its strategic investments in expanding its fleet, enhancing its network of destinations, and implementing innovative technologies to improve passenger experience.

With ambitious expansion goals, Wizz Air must balance managing global operations while delivering a great experience across the entire customer journey. A customer’s travel adventure often begins with the convenience of online and mobile booking of air, hotel, tours, and other bundled services. The journey continues with friendly on-board flight services provided by an international crew. Customer engagement comes full circle as Wizz Air enhances its loyalty services through the Wizz Discount Club program with over one million members. Delivering an excellent experience across the entire journey requires meeting language and cultural requirements to support new markets where customers have many competitive travel options.

Welocalize Delivers Multilingual Digital Content

Wizz Air knew that creating a great customer experience requires more than translating words. To harness the power of digital transformation for its global expansion, Wizz Air needed a partner who could transform content across technology platforms into memorable digital experiences. Together, Wizz Air and Welocalize have built a localization program that supports Wizz Air’s mobile-first strategy. Technology enables the localization program to centralize and streamline growing digital content volumes across an expanding language portfolio. Welocalize services span the content lifecycle, from content creation and source review to localization and transcreation. Enhancing the customer experience for Wizz Air mobile-savvy travelers through locally relevant digital content is core to Wizz Air’s success in new markets.

Welocalize Enhances Digital Experiences Through Mobile Testing Services

A low-cost fares strategy alone doesn’t automatically convert savvy travelers to loyal customers, especially with other budget travel options easily accessible throughout Europe. Wizz Air customers also want a fast, friendly, consistent, and engaging user experience across all devices.

To understand customer requirements, Wizz Air analyzes data and business intelligence to improve mobile features and functionality. Wizz Air has demonstrated its ability to innovate by rapidly developing new digital experiences. Travelers enjoy the convenience of three-click express booking on their mobile devices. Wizz Air relies on Welocalize’s on-demand services at global facilities for agile functional and linguistic user interface (UI) testing of mobile applications.

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