CASE STUDY: Transforming Global Customer Interactions with NLU

This case study explores how Welo Data partnered with a major e-commerce giant to support the launch of its flagship Natural Language Understanding (NLU) product.

This case study explores how Welo Data partnered with a major e-commerce giant to support the launch and scalability of its flagship Natural Language Understanding (NLU) product.

Together, we achieved:

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The Challenge

In the competitive realm of e-commerce, the launch of a flagship Natural Language Understanding (NLU) product represented a significant step forward for our client. This initiative aimed to refine customer interactions through enhanced AI-driven conversational models across 30 languages, spanning multiple domains.

A particularly challenging dimension of the project was the need to consistently deliver written data as if it were generated by an automatic speech recognition model.  The partnership with Welocalize was pivotal in overcoming the inherent challenges of such an ambitious global rollout.

Overcoming Multifaceted Challenges

The core challenge lay in the requirement for vast, diverse utterances covering both written and spoken language modalities, tailored not just linguistically but culturally for each target locale. This complexity was compounded by the need for nuanced intent discovery within eight subject areas, all under the pressures of an aggressive timeline.

The Solution

The collaboration between the client’s data science teams and Welo Data led to the development of a robust, scalable data pipeline. This strategic approach was distinguished by its focus on crafting solutions that were directly beneficial to the client’s objectives:

The Results

The success of this collaboration lies in its direct impact on the client’s ability to launch a sophisticated NLU product that meets the diverse needs of its global customer base. By delivering a product capable of understanding and engaging customers in their own languages and cultural contexts, the client has set a new standard for AI-driven customer interaction in the e-commerce industry.

This case study exemplifies how strategic partnerships can overcome the complexities of global product launches, delivering tangible benefits to customers through meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and a deep understanding of global market dynamics.