CASE STUDY: Patent Translation & Centralized Foreign Filing for AM Law 100 Firm

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A leading AM 100 law firm trusts Welocalize to optimize and streamline their foreign patent filing process, including patent translation and centralized filing coordination.

Find out how we partner with this US-based, full-service law firm, supporting their 600+ attorneys throughout the global IP and patent lifecycle, creating efficiencies and cost savings for clients in jurisdictions all over the world.

Together, we achieved:

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The Client

This AM 100 Law firm has a strong focus on innovation and client satisfaction, having built a reputation for excellence in the legal industry. The firm has a large practice focused on intellectual property (IP), including developing and implementing global patent strategies and portfolios and patent protection in international jurisdictions.

This law firm has partnered with Welocalize for over 10 years.

The Challenge

Patent translation and foreign filing can be complex when protection in multiple countries is required. Navigating the diverse requirements of different jurisdictions poses challenges. Dealing with separate patent offices on behalf of clients can incur time delays, high costs (especially if bilingual attorneys are used for translation), and significant administrative burdens on overstretched client teams.

The Solution

Welocalize simplifies the patent translation and foreign filing processes. By providing end-to-end services, including translation and filing coordination, Welocalize enables centralized workflows and reduces administrative overhead.

By leveraging its expertise in linguistic and legal domains, Welocalize ensures accurate translations and adherence to filing requirements across multiple jurisdictions. This partnership allows attorneys to focus on delivering exceptional legal services to their clients while entrusting the translation and filing coordination to a reliable partner.

The Results

The successful collaboration has yielded numerous business benefits, including cost savings, time efficiency, and administrative simplification.

Ultimately, their end clients expressed an increase in satisfaction with the improved efficiency and communication facilitated by Welocalize patent translation and filing coordination services.


Welocalize has never had a patent application rejected due to translation.