CASE STUDY: Delivering Faster Global Email Marketing for PTC

Reducing time to market with OPAL-Marketing for Massachusetts-based global software company, PTC.

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This case study explores the transformative collaboration between PTC, a Massachusetts-based global software company, and Welocalize to overcome significant delays in translating and deploying global email marketing campaigns. Together, we used OPAL-Marketing to streamline operations and reduce time-to-market for translated content across diverse international markets.

The partnership aimed to enhance PTC’s reach and operational efficiency in emerging markets. Together, we achieved:

“The agility we have achieved through our collaboration with Welocalize allows us to quickly capitalize on global market trends, keeping our international outreach timely and impactful.”

Jean Lee, Marketing Automation Manager, PTC

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The Challenge

PTC faced obstacles in expanding its business due to a slow and labor-intensive translation process. The process involved transferring translated content from their Language Service Provider (LSP) to their marketing automation tool, Oracle Eloqua, manually.

As a result, the turnaround times for a single email campaign could take up to 12 weeks, which was incompatible with the fast-paced global market and PTC’s growth objectives.

Additionally, the existing workflow lacked effective project monitoring and management across different teams and regions, leading to difficulties in maintaining consistency and accuracy in brand messaging.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, PTC partnered with Welocalize to streamline and enhance their translation workflow by seamlessly integrating Welocalize’s AI-enabled solution, OPAL-Marketing, with Oracle Eloqua.

This integration enabled automation and significantly speeded up the email campaign process. This integration facilitated an in-context review system, which expedited the review process and enhanced the translated content’s accuracy and quality.

The Results

Integrating OPAL-Marketing into PTC’s workflow has fundamentally transformed the company’s content translation strategy. Automating the translation of email campaigns using OPAL-Marketing for Oracle Eloqua has saved the team a great deal of time. This shift has allowed PTC to concentrate on crafting more personalized and impactful content.

With this strategic improvement, PTC can deliver fresh, multilingual content to a global audience every four weeks, ensuring that marketing messages are timely and culturally relevant. Most notably, these advancements have had a profound effect on PTC’s bottom line, achieving:

The success story of OPAL-Marketing’s integration highlights the transformative potential of AI-enabled technologies and solutions in the realm of content translation, setting a new standard for efficiency, personalization, and business growth.