Biotech Company Streamlines Patent Translation

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Global biotechnology company partners with Welocalize to streamline its patent translation process.

This case study highlights how a leading global biotechnology company partnered with Welocalize to streamline translation for its global patent portfolio to increase project management efficiency and cost estimation. Together, we achieved:

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The Challenge

Our client is a biotech company that regularly files patents in different countries to protect their new inventions. They need to protect their most valuable assets (their new ideas) as fast as possible.

However, they lacked standardized workflows for the filing and translation of multiple patents. That led to uncertainty about the progress of each application and disorganized work processes that escalated costs.

The Solution

First of all, we centralized all requests for translation projects. Every request landed in one secure, centralized client portal. Once a project arrived in the portal, each request was allocated to a translator, and the client could securely track the progress of each patent application by simply logging on to the portal.

With over 300 patent applications in one place, we created a robust database of customized terminology for this client. From the database, we trained the translation memory and collated a glossary of key terms and how to translate them to support the translators.

That meant that all current and future patent translations were consistent. As the system learned the terminology, it saved this client around $1.2m in translation savings with reduced time and increased accuracy from the start of each new project.

With personalized language assets for all future applications, our client can protect their inventions more quickly. They reduce the risk of ideas being copied or stolen, and they optimize the value of all their new ideas.

The Results

Our work together to standardize and improve the efficiency of their patent workflows delivered:

“This data-driven project management through the Welocalize client portal avoids patent filing and validation bottlenecks. This solution enabled us to scale globally to increase our efficiency in managing cross-border cases, growing at 35% through a centralized process.”

Corporate Counsel Team, Global Biotech Company

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