How to Launch Software for Global Audiences

welocalize May 3, 2022

Localizing software and online applications can be challenging, particularly if not considered at the architecture planning and product development stage.

Taking software global isn’t simply a case of translating user interfaces (UI), packaging, and product documentation into other languages.

It’s critical to deliver quality products and software to users around the world that are accessible and culturally relevant, to ensure a great user experience, wherever they’re deployed.

We’ve compiled a guide, The Welocalize Guide to Software Localization, which brings together 25 years of experience of navigating the fast-paced world of software. With key insights and actionable strategies for anyone driving internationalization and localization for global software.


Key insights and takeaways include:

  • The benefits of software localization to justify the investment and time.
  • The challenges of localizing software. Avoid what can go wrong and understand how to implement localization the right way.
  • Approaches to software localization. Insight into the three different potential approaches that could be adopted.
  • Key steps for localizing software. Localizing software for multilingual audiences goes from planning and development to localization and testing. The four-step process is detailed in the guide.
  • How to measure the return on investment (ROI). Variables to consider to make a business case for software localization.



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