How AI is Turbocharging the Patent Process

In this webinar, we will share how machine learning algorithms can unlock relevant areas of information and streamline the global patent process.

Data volumes continue to grow at exponential rates, and big data is an issue across almost every legal function. This continued surge in data drives the legal industry to examine ways of leveraging technology for streamlining tasks and creating more efficient and intelligent platforms for collaboration.

Moderator: Kris Jeffrey, Welocalize

Expert Participants:  

Arie Blokland, European Patent Attorney, Partner, AOMB Intellectual Property

Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager, AI Deployments, Welocalize

What you can expect: 

  • Expert insights on how AI-enabled language solutions trained for specific industries can retrieve, process, and translate huge amounts of multilingual information in a consistent way.
  • How to leverage the benefits of machine learning, especially in areas involving high volumes of multilingual content such as patents, e-discovery, social media, and knowledge bases.
  • How to overcome the challenges of managing search and review workflows across multiple language sets. Although analytics and predictive coding technologies are language-agnostic, it is important to leverage expert guidance and appropriate technology solutions.

Key Topics: 

  • Role of language and words in patents for global use
  • What are the practical applications of machine learning in the patent process for gaining speed and consistency?
  • How are machine learning algorithms and NLP (natural language processing) approaches used in patent prosecution to address multilingual content challenges?
  • Overcoming the challenges of multilingual data sets (extracting, centralizing, and processing)
  • Using AI-enabled technology to conduct a uniform prior art search to help validate a patent

Meet the speakers

Arie Blokland

European Patent Attorney, Partner - AOMB Intellectual Property

Kris Jeffrey

Regional Sales Manager - Welocalize

Alex Yanishevsky

Senior Manager, AI Deployments - Welocalize

Attendee Feedback

‘Great networking. Helpful and actionable insights.’ 

Lucy, Bayer 

Attendee Feedback

‘It’s always important to learn from each other. It’s interesting to see everyone has the same challenges within localization.’

Lonneke, Adidas

Attendee Feedback

‘I learned a lot about performance analytics for multilingual digital content.’

Fabiënne, Awin