High-Quality Localization Meets Data-Driven Efficiency

How do you streamline your localization processes to increase languages, volume, & reduce time to market?

In this live webinar, Tara Yukawa, VP of Marketing Solutions at OneAffiniti and Darin Goble, VP of Solutions at Welocalize chat about the highs and lows of developing a streamlined localization solution, sharing real-life insights on how to scale rapidly and leverage data to boost performance.

As a leading provider of scalable, through-channel marketing programs, OneAffiniti supports global Fortune 100 brands, to organize and rollout global campaigns (with multilingual content) to drive sales. They needed to develop a scalable tech-enabled localization solution, to connect the content and translation systems, streamline, and develop efficient workflows to deliver business outcomes -> reducing time to market, adding new languages, and managing high volume, high quality multilingual marketing campaigns.

Working with Welocalize, OneAffiniti developed their localization tech stack, advising on best-of-breed technology, guiding OneAffiniti to the right connectors, and bringing in key partners to establish scalable, low touch workflows. And crucially, leveraging KPIs, consumption data, and performance analytics to measure and improve customer campaign activity.

 What you’ll learn:

  • Insights into the live OneAffiniti and Welocalize localization program
  • Lessons on how to build the right tech stack to support high volume, high quality multilingual marketing content
  • Streamlining and automation: high touch to low touch
  • Leveraging performance data to increase efficiency
  • Importance of tech partnerships

Meet the speakers

Darin Goble, VP of Solutions, Welocalize

Darin has over 25 years’ experience producing global ready localization solutions for many leading global brands. He heads up Welocalize’s Solutions team and is responsible for deploying innovation and technology to Welocalize clients all over the world.

Tara Yukawa, VP of Marketing Solutions, OneAffiniti

Tara is responsible for marketing solutions and delivery functions at OneAffiniti, managing global content creation and distribution, multi-channel marketing solutions, and driving operational efficiency.