Getting Global Audiences Fit & Healthy – Lifesum & Welocalize case study

welocalize February 16, 2021

Virtual health and wellbeing have surged in popularity with the US health market projected to grow more than 23% annually from 2020-2025 (Deloitte). People all over the world are transforming their fitness and lifestyle regimes, adapting to a digital and app-based approach with everything from healthy eating, working out, and socializing.

One of the leaders in the global health and wellbeing market is Lifesum. Established in 2013, Lifesum is a wellness app, supporting long-term healthy living for millions of people around the world. The app-based service helps subscribers develop personalized food plans, providing recipes and support to help track success and better understand what’s in the food we buy.

In 2020:

  • Lifesum acquired users at nearly twice the rate of its closest competitors, according to Sensor Tower, the independent market intelligence for the mobile app economy.
  • Lifesum had 45 million registered users available in 11 core languages.

Exceptional global user experience (UX) and continual global growth are key business drivers for Lifesum – targeting high potential markets and also improving UX and performance in existing ones.

Managing multilingual digital lifestyle content

Published content was initially translated and localized using a decentralized and external freelancer model. Maintaining consistency of the brand and customer experience across all markets is a challenge with this approach.

The localization team identified two key goals:

  • Select a language services partner to provide centralized localization for all languages and content types with a strong focus on quality. This technology-agnostic partner would need to work within the existing technology stack and work to develop a future stack to scale with rapid growth plans.
  • Build a team of Lifesum linguists who are familiar with the Lifesum brand and app to develop content that is consistent in its tone-of-voice and delivers a consistent customer experience in all language markets.
“Online health and fitness is a growth market and demand will continue to increase for the Lifesum app. We needed a localization partner to help us grow, develop a consistent brand and customer experience across all locals and use multilingual content as a way to attract new customers and boost new revenue streams.”
Rebecca Evans, Senior Localization Manager, Lifesum

In 2019, Lifesum selected Welocalize as their partner for localization and translation services.

You are what you eat – anywhere in the world

Supporting people all over the world with meal plans, recipes, and nutritional advice is no small feat. Each country and culture have different tastes, people eat at different times and have access to different foods – Lifesum must culturally adapt content for each market.

Welocalize put a dedicated team of linguists in place with subject matter expertise. In addition to translating and culturally adapting content, the linguistic team actually use the app – they are live users – ensuring the product itself is relevant and on-brand for target markets.



“Since working with Welocalize as our main localization partner, we’re really happy with the speed, quality, responsiveness, and alignment with business outcomes. The teams are doing a great job! The overall understanding of the market and our overall global strategic goals is excellent – they are an extension of the Lifesum team. It is a successful, transparent partnership.”
Rebecca Evans, Senior Localization Manager, Lifesum


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