Expanding Your International Footprint Through Localization

welocalize May 19, 2021

How do you access 1 billion users worldwide? Through great localization and strategic partnership of course!

A leading audio streaming and media services provider partnered with Welocalize to identify key growth markets and expand their global footprint.

The localization solution involved developing detailed market research reports to establish language proficiency and internet availability to scope new, potential markets. Then testing and adapting the app and messaging to meet the requirements of these new target markets.

Providing localization and language services is not just about translation or cultural adaptation. It’s also about identifying economic growth opportunities and seeing which global consumers are receptive to new products and services – then developing impactful messaging and campaigns for those emerging audiences.

In addition to research exploring market potential, the Welocalize solution added 36 new additional languages to the existing app to deliver services to 80+ new markets.

This provider now brings audio and media services to 180 markets in 60+ languages.

Welocalize’s enabled this leading global brand to deliver a consistent customer experience – which ultimately led to increased downloads and sales.

Take a look at the Welocalize video case study to find out more about our localization services including  cultural consultation, transcreation, localization and translation, talent resourcing, and app testing. If you’d like to talk to someone about increasing your global reach, connect with us here.