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We are a leader in patent prosecution and validation, litigation language services, E-Discovery translation and document review, patent translation and filing.

Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, provides translation, litigation and filing solutions for patent and legal professionals. We protect our clients’ most valued assets and global brands in nearly every jurisdiction in the world.  You can read more about Park IP Translation services by reading our Park IP Translations Services Overview.


  • Experts in Serving Legal Professionals and Protecting Global Brands
  • We Help You to Minimize Risk
  • Increased Quality Control
  • Expert Translation and Foreign Filing Services
  • Streamlined Foreign Filing Process
  • Easy-to-Use Client Portal, Resources and Technology for Real-Time Information

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We provide complete translation services in more than 175 languages and filing-ready documentation into more than 60 countries.

Legal Language Services

Prosecution and Patent IP Translation -Read more Park IP Translations Prosecution Overview

Patent Prosecution: Working on thousands of patents every year, across every industry enables us to leverage a strong knowledge base that we maintain with up-to-date information on specific patent office rules, deadlines, extensions, and other jurisdiction-specific regulations associated with the foreign prosecution process. We understand the needs, deadlines and urgency associated with our clients’ dockets.

IP Patent and Trademark Translation: We currently count a significant portion of the world’s largest law firms and global corporations as clients due to the high-level quality of our work. Our team currently provides millions of words every month and thousands of patents a year for filings across North America, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

Litigation – Read more here Park IP Translations Litigation Overview

Litigation Translation: We provide translation for 175 languages of all content types and have a truly global reach with 16 offices located around the world. Park handles all translation requirements for high profile cases involving multiple sites, complex logistical challenges and tight deadlines with ease. Park has completed tens of thousands of translation projects. We are and have been instrumentally involved in many of the most noteworthy litigation cases in recent history.

E-Discovery + Document Review: Our team of linguistic, technology and legal experts work hand-in-hand with our clients in the E-Discovery translation integration process from collection and early case assessment, preparation and final reviews.

Filing – Read more here Park IP Translations Foreign Filing Overview

Park IP provides “Filing-Ready” translations for foreign patent applications around the world.  A pioneer in the patent translation industry, Park IP coordinates a specialized, ISO 9001:2008 certified process in support of AM Law 100 Firms and Fortune 500 Companies for foreign filings.

General Legal Services: Contracts, Employee Record, Stock and Financial Documentation, Medical Forms – Read more here: Park IP General Legal Overview.

We have extensive capabilities and expertise delivering translations in connection with a wide range of legal documents and materials including arbitration, human resource, government and compliance, employment agreements, contracts, licensing activities, IP enforcement activities, immigration, opinion work, contracts for professional services and more.

We provide translation in more than 175 languages for legal documents, forms and letters and legally-binding agreements for acceptance by courts and government agencies across the globe. Our team is versed in the international requirements and translation for critical legal court filings in jurisdictions throughout the world, including summons and complaints, evidentiary and financial documents, judicial proceedings and foreign statutes.

Here is a quick snapshot of the types of services we can provide, click here: About Park IP Translations.

You can read more about some of our clients by viewing a few of our case studies:

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We also provide general legal services for all types of corporate and legal documents. Park IP delivers the highest quality translation as a result of our ISO 9001:2008 certification. Visit for more information!

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